Nintendo To Announce The Wii Successor At E3 ?

Gameblog : "According to our information from developers, the 3DS should not be the only machine unveiled by Nintendo."

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Kingdom Come3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Doesnt sound like the title of a new console to me...
Besides, unless Nintendo can revolutionize motion controls to a higher level thaen that of Natal, I think Nintendo will take a more standard approach to their next console...
(BTW, No hate for the Wii, it's a fun console, I just think its been heavily overlooked this gen...)

Cevapi883051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

i think Nintendo will wait until the Wii reaches the 100 million mark....the system is on its way to accomplishing that goal....the only reason they will wait is so that they can show that it can make a successful console....since people kept bringing up the market share of the gamecube and the n64 compared to its competitors in the previous generations of gaming consoles

and i understand that the Wii is already a success, but Nintendo will keep pushing the console until they are fully satisfied with how far the system is able to go

Iamback3051d ago

Wii2 will NEVER sell like Wii. Wii was surprise even to Nintendo, no one expected it to get this big, no one. They got lucky once, will it work again? No motion controls are known quantity by now, old guys wont go "Wow Wii 2 i got to have that one". I know it might have different name but you got the point. Wont work again.

Cevapi883051d ago

i was talking about the Wii.....not a Wii 2....if anything it wont be called Wii 2.....Nintendo will come out with some new name...and if they want to be relevant next gen....their new system will have to be HD....

darthv723051d ago

it could be wiii or even more ironic...wwii

DeadlyFire3051d ago

I think only reason it has been overlooked was the GPU. PS3 and X360 both have powerful and great GPUs that can do great graphics. Wii is stuck with something else. Doesn't quite do it. Sadly though if next Wii is coming with graphics only compared to X360's power then it will be Wii all over again. Maybe with a little more saturation from big tier developers with power like the X360, but when PS4 and X720 come around in 2012 focus will move back to the high powered machines.

Nitrowolf23052d ago

-She would have a power similar to that of an Xbox 360
-It should not be called "Wii 2", but Wii HiFi (in any case the code name leaked)
-It would be very oriented online
-One of the main features is the community
-It would be released in November 2011

Holy F
If it as good as it sounds it might be day one
All those things are what Nintendo Wii lacked with.

Iamback3051d ago

yeah now if it was released in 2006 i would cared but in 2011? lol no

klado3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

-She would have a power similar to that of an Xbox 360 = FLOP
-She would have a power similar to that of an Xbox PS3 = Win

-It would be released in November 2011 = Huh!, this is just implying nintendo can't give more further than have been given, is that so, I pass, but again Console are for fun and not for graphics so, it should do well.

So expecting for a super smash brother true next gen with more than 100 characters.

Narutone663051d ago

that Wii is still competing with PS2 and original Xbox from the specs alone.

jay23052d ago

This could be very intreasting.

xc7x3051d ago

i don't see it happening since there's hardly been any N4G articles about it lol. personally i think Nintendo needs to reveal a Wii 2 [HD] for their sake but don't care either way at this point in time.

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The story is too old to be commented.