Meodia - Joe Danger Review

A daredevil falls from grace, and you must show the man how to reclaim his former glory. The man is Joe Danger. A happy go lucky sport rider who you must guide through stunt courses racking up points and topping your friends score. The game is the first in what seems to be a very successful start to the developers, Hello Games. At the start of Joe Danger, I found myself taking too much time to learn the control schemes, but the longer I played, the more addicted I became to completing every aspect of every track. Joe Danger is a great title at a complete bargain price of $14.99.

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gfunkera103104d ago

Great game!!!! Very addictive......but in a good way.

MrESteel3104d ago

Solid review for a solid looking game.

Jdoki3104d ago

Just finished the first few levels. Great game.

Torefos3104d ago

I bought this game on PSN, and loving it so far. It deserves the love. Its actually fun to play.

And its an exclusive, the reason I 1st day'ed it.

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The story is too old to be commented.