Yakuza 4 Coming Exclusively to PS3 in Spring 2011

After some amazing passion seen across the board from fans regarding the release of Yakuza 3, SEGA is proud to announce that the fourth installment of the Yakuza series is heading West, and will be releasing exclusively on the PlayStation 3 in the spring of 2011!

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Al Bundy4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

WOW! Sony has already announced:

Little Big Planet 2
Killzone 3
Infamous 2
God of War: Ghost of Sparta
Motorstorm: Apocalypse
Socom 4
Yakuza 4

E3 is already won. No timed exclusive multi platform announcement can top that.

Pennywise4152d ago

You'd be surprised how the biased media will react to FFVS on the 360. I won't be surprised its predictable.

But you are right... Sony hands down has won with the gamers.

Nathaniel_Drake4152d ago

Yeah I expect MS to announce something huge. MS being this quiet for this long isn't like them. I'm also expecting some unique Natal games other than the Red ball game that might be very interesting

callahan094152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

Everybody seems to be leaving SOCOM 4 off of their lists. Not sure why. The just announced that, as well, and it's coming this year.

Edit: You edited your list and put SOCOM 4 on it. Good on ya!

-Alpha4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

I agree, Socom needs some love, it is considered the PlayStation brand's top shooter after all, and this one is looking awesome.

Also, I feel that the only reason we are hearing of these games is because there is just too much to announce for Sony at E3. They are going to waste time with the typical sales and PSP talk that I can care less for (but it's important for them to do), but hopefully they can jam pack MOVE and a S*itload of trailers and gameplay footage for their games. I'd love it if for an hour all we saw was trailers after trailers. I heard they only have about 2 hours too. We still need to see Agent, VS, The Last Guardian, Resistance 3, David Jaffe's game hopefully, PSN+, Home, etc.

In terms of games this is going to be a packed E3, but we haven't even began to wonder about the debut games and surprises that are sure to happen.

Let's not count MS out Bundy. Further, this has nothing to do with E3, and MS has existed before E3 2010, so constantly referring to that E3 is a little unfair, don't you think? It's like acting as if Sony's PS3 debut E3 is all that existed, seems a little ignorant to constantly refer to, right? MS have put on good E3's before. I hope they have a strong E3 this year too. If the third party devs have been working hard on Natal then hopefully we see some great Natal (and MOVE) games. I'm sure MS will have a trick or two up their sleeves as well. Why does everybody conveniently only remember last E3 and the bad parts for MS? Have some faith in E3, it should be a good showing for everybody.

Al Bundy4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

Sorry, I just added it to my original post. Sony has so many games coming that I'm having trouble keeping up with all of them.


Think about it, MS's huge E3 magatons are always multi platform announcements. FF13(2008), MGS Rising(2009), and MW2 1 month timed exclusive map packs(2009). And then there's the usual adding features to a paid XBL service that are free everywhere else. To me, it's all about the games. MS has only a few 1st party devs and can't compete with Sony having over 20 1st party devs. With MS it's a revolving cycle of Halo, Gears, Fable, and Forza. Any sane gamer knows it's only a matter of time before Splinter Cell and Mass Effect is on the PS3. What could MS possibly announce that will top what Sony has already announce and imagine what they have for E3 if they let all of those games get announced early. The only thing MS could announce that would get me excited is Killer Instinct 3 but it seems that they have Rare busy with nothing but Natal games.

RBdrift4152d ago

unbelievable,they also left out Gran Turismo 5!

AKS4152d ago

It's probably a combination of Confrontation having a lackluster launch and the fact that SOCOM 4 is being used as a showpiece for Move, which is probably being looked at with some skepticism by hardcore purists. Motion controls have a bit of a stigma of being strictly casual, but that will change before long. Anyone who has played Metroid Prime 3 or RE4 Wii Edition can see motion controls can work extremely well with serious games. Give SOCOM 4 a little time; people will definitely get excited about it, especially if Sony does a good job of showcasing it at E3. Most of what they have said about SOCOM 4 related to Move, but I'm sure there is considerably more they have yet to reveal about it. I'd personally love to see a co-op mode.

-Alpha4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

I'm sure it's because there is just so much attention you can give to games. Sony has to pace the games out evenly in order for each title to get the attention it deserves. It's going to be a hell of a year. Hopefully Socom is shown off well at E3 in collaboration with MOVE.

Bundy, I was referring to your first comment. They were nonetheless big announcements, don't you think? Especially getting FF13 on their console, something we thought would never happen. And it's not just the "big announcements" you should look at. MS have put on good E3's and have had games announced that people were excited over. Now, I agree lately the momentum has gone towards Sony, but we should never count anyone out for E3. You say they have a "cycle" of games, but those games are very popular. I'm excited to see Reach's single player and Gears' gameplay. I agree MS can't compete with Sony's variety, but in your first comment you acted as if all MS has are third party timed exclusives, and that kind of attitude seems unnecessary. I'm just saying that MS has more than that and has shown more than that.

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Cloudberry4152d ago

Yakuza series is one of my favorite game!!!

fossilfern4152d ago

Its defenatly a great time to own a PS3

ernsttco4152d ago

Its been great to own a PS3 since its inception.

pixelsword4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

Yeah, sorry to say it so early, but Sony *may* have a clear advantage over Microsoft this e3, Timed-exclusives ain't gonna cut it this time around.

I'm discounting all motion-controlled announcements because so far, they suck. Sorry; I am not convinced as of yet that the Wii, Move, and Wave are for anyone else but casual gamers and children.

webeblazing4152d ago

thats what people said last year

raztad4152d ago

FFS SEGA dont release Yakuza 4 the same week than KZ3, or any other AAA game. Find a good window and game will sell well.

callahan094152d ago

I agree with you, but also Yakuza 3 must have met or exceeded their expectations in the West or they wouldn't have so quickly announced that they'll be bringing over Yakuza 4. Y3 was one where they hadn't even decided to translate it until the 11th hour and they did kind of a rush job on it. It turned out very good in my opinion, but they didn't manage to translate everything due to their time constraints (according to Sega themselves) and thus we had content cut out. This time, due to Yakuza 3 actually doing well enough over here, they've decided early to do the translation and are setting themselves aside nearly a full year to do it, and they've said that all the content (like hostesses, etc.) will make it over. So that's only a good thing!

raztad4152d ago

You are probably right about Y3 doing good enough to warrant the sequel to be released western-side, however I never understood why Y3 was released in march when GoW3 and FFXIII were already scheduled for the same month. What makes thing worse is Y3 could have been a very nice summer blockbuster considering there is not much going on besides RDR this summer.

sikbeta4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )


the Thing is Y3 deserve even more, it was really unfair considering that it was released in the same time as The Beast of God of War III and... FF13 -_-

Y4 needs to get a release window in which it doesn't "fight" with other Big Titles and it'll have Great sales cos the Franchise is Really Great...


Ah... raztad Beat Me....

deadreckoning6664152d ago

Al Bundy makes a good point.

himdeel4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago ) to pick up a copy of Y3. When it came out I just didn't have the extra cash to go around :(

The Yakuza 4 demo has been up on JP PSN for a few months now.

pippoppow4152d ago

The other platforms' E3 presentations will be interesting but when it comes to the number of exclusive high quality games, Sony will lead.

MS will rely on a surprise announcement and their small staple of a few exclusive games.

Nintendo will rally around a flagship title with a few good games.

Should be interesting all around for new game-play vids, new surprise IPs and sequels.

nycredude4152d ago

Too many games and not enough money and time.

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ClownBelt4152d ago

Is the Yakuza franchise own by Sony? I wonder why Sega only put this game on the PS3?

Cloudberry4152d ago

If I'm not mistaken, SEGA has the franchise.

However, the creator & producer of Yakuza series (Toshihiro Nagoshi) prefer the PS3 to maximize Yakuza games' potential.

That means, he's using the Cell processor, the Blu-Ray, the PSN (I think...?), and everything about the PS3 so that the Yakuza series & it's main character, Kazuma Kiryu, could be much more powerful.

There's a video (in Japanese) about Yakuza 3 advertising where he & Kazuma make an appearance, and Nagoshi say something like.........

"I wanted to make a man who stood up for what he believed in with Ryuu ga Gotoku. That's why I needed the PS3's power.", or something like that.

Here's the commercial ->

Christopher4152d ago

Nope, but its biggest market is PS3 owners in Japan. They're doing what they did with the third and just expanding the possible market by updating it for other regions rather than developing it for multiple platforms, which would cost them a lot more.

Trroy4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

Yakuza sells a lot better in Japan than it does in the West. Yakuza 3 actually did quite a bit better in the West than 1 & 2 did (they were PS2 games), however, which is probably why Y4 is coming for sure now as well.

In any case, Y3, Kenzan (a Yakuza offshoot, which I wish would come to US shores!) and Y4 were all PS3 exclusives in Japan, because the 360 doesn't really warrant attention in Japan. I would wager that, if Sega knew Y3 was going to sell well in the US, they would have made the game multiplat -- but now the game is based on an exclusive engine (which reportedly utilizes the Cell quite a bit, for its crowded Tokyo theme), so converting it for the 360 might cost more than Sega would see in return.

chiwoo4152d ago

i agree they need to bring shenumue 1 and 2 collection on ps3 that would be great. and yes Yakuza is like the GTA of japan its very popular it would be a wast to port it to the 360.

Viper74152d ago

If Yakuza games start selling like hotcakes in the west, I am pretty sure X360 will start to get some love. But until it looks like they are focusing on Ps3 and psp.

nycredude4152d ago

Since Yakuza is definitely NOT taking full advantage of the Ps3 hardware, I have to assume it is because Yakuza is most popular in Japan, and the 360's presence there is near non-existent.

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OC_MurphysLaw4152d ago

But man ...Yakuza 3 was trash from my point of view. I have ZERO desire to play another in the series.

callahan094152d ago

Can't possibly disagree more.
"Trash"? The game has an awesome story and a lot of depth and tons of stuff to do, with a crazy in-depth battle system (tons of combos, moves, abilities, weapons, items, etc.). I love Yakuza 3. Best in the series so far in my opinion.

OC_MurphysLaw4152d ago

Just wasnt my cup of tea. May be great for some, I just found it very Japanese in its method of story telling and mechanics. And I am not big on Japanese developed games so....hence why I didnt care for it.

That said, if you like it and you have a PS3 then you should be happy.

nycredude4152d ago

Japanese, german, american, martian, it doesn't matter. A good game is a good game no matter where it comes from, and Yakuza is a very good series.

pixelsword4152d ago

I liked the GTA feel in a Japanese city.

I liked the stores, the little nick-nacks you could get, the little interesting stores and restaurants all cubby-holed in little spots. It felt authentic. I loved the ambiance.

I also liked how people apologized after you put a foot so far up their butts that you could use their mustaches to tie your shoes. Except for the rude gaijin.

I also like the feel. It was weird and awkward, just like visiting another country or city. It reminds me of when I Lived in Chicago, then moved to Tempe, Arizona.

The only thing I didn't like about it was it was really suited for a Japanese person; if it was done from an outsider's POV it would've been better than GTA IV for me.

JonnyBigBoss4152d ago

Disagree. Yakuza 3 was fresh and offered some really fun gameplay!

Redempteur4152d ago

wiping my shoes on the idiot that went to challenge me never get old ...

i love it ...
and the game is packed with things to do ..
i wasted 3 hours yesterday to Improve my high score in the batting center ... time flew so fast ...

Acquiescence4152d ago

I found it to be an emotionally resounding experience and that's not something I can say for many games out there.

chiwoo4152d ago

you proboly got your _ss kicked by the main thugs. LOL

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Ryuha1234h4152d ago

Sony, Sony, Sony, Sony, Sony, Sony.

4152d ago