Draconian DRM Will Only Hurt Publishers

Digital Rights Management (DRM) has been getting a lot of attention in the PC gaming community as of late. Efforts from certain publishers to crack down on game piracy through increasingly invasive DRM measures have started to create a backlash. In particular, Ubisoft has been vilified for its “always online” requirement for many single player games. While publishers have every right to protect their property, hurting legitimate consumers in the process is unacceptable - a more reasonable approach is required.

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mephman3051d ago

I think the "always connected to the internet" idea is really restrictive, especially if you have no interest in multiplayer.

The whole DRM thing just seems to be doing more harm than good, but only the publishers know if it's actually affecting sales in a good way.

Darkstorn3051d ago

...and if you don't have access to high-speed internet (such as myself). These DRM measures simply do not represent progress.

Yi-Long3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

...It's very simple. When I know a game has DRM, I won't buy it*.

In those cases, a cracked version will just be a better experience for the gamer as opposed to buying the legit version and having to be restricted and going through all kinds of ****, just to play the game.

(* =Same as with DLC-milking btw.)

Viper73051d ago

Same here, I don't even consider buying these games with DRM. Same goes with these new games that use codes to unlock online multiplayer. I am pretty active in loaning games to my friends and vice versa so these kinds of DRM or multiplayer for first buyer only things just don't work for me.

HolyOrangeCows3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

DRM should simply be thrown out. It has zero effect on piracy and is known to hurt legit customers.

Pirates are gonna pirate. You can't stop them. All you can do is make things as good as you can for the legit customers (eg. no DRM) and live with the fact that pirates will pirate.

ShapelyChops3051d ago

DRM is fine, but limiting how many machines a game can be installed on is just plain stupid. What happens if I don't want to lug around a desktop everywhere to play a game? I bought it, didn't I?

saint_john_paul_ii3050d ago

Steam DRM is DRM done right. I dont understand why these companies dont use that instead.

Hoboninjapirate3050d ago

DRM isn't draconian, piracy is. The first walls were built to protect people and their belongings from being stolen, not the other way around. Just because they're inconvenient doesn't mean people should steal more. Maybe if piracy didn't exist the PC gaming industry wouldn't be in shambles.

Pandamobile3050d ago

DRM has absolutely no effect on piracy prevention.

People will pirate it no matter what kind of devious DRM you use. The only people being hurt by DRM are the legitimate customers.

Think about it. Ubisoft's DRM on Assassin's Creed 2 requires a permanent internet connection so you can't save your games when offline. The cracked version of the game allows you to play offline and save your game files locally and that crack only took about 3 weeks to get out from the time the game was released. SCC was even faster because pirates had already cracked Ubisoft's RetarDRM before.

ballsofsteel3050d ago

no offense but piracy FORCED publisher to this. now i'm not condoning what ubisoft did here but what they did they did because there weren't many options for them. People always say "well if you make a good game piracy isn't an issue" this is pure BS. Crysis was a highly rated game, 90 on gamerankings and 91 on metacritic. The people asked why crysis 2 is now on consoles the devs put it plain and simple due to high piracy rates publishers couldn't justify developing on PC only. Sure for multiplayer games this isn't as much as problem or for devs that have a cult following a la valve. hell look at Rockstar they're games have always been on PC but not anymore. red dead redemption as of now is not coming to PC. It's unfair that game developer who make great games should loss money because some gamers are too cheap to pay and most game devs are rich bastards they're hardworking people just like you and me. Why is that there are almost no PC only devs now a days? and the ones that are still there have a huge fanbase and or are multiplayer oriented titles.

my point is this unless the growth of piracy is stopped PC gaming will.....well not die, but will only consist of MMO's and a few very hardcore games. This new DRM measure are publisher trying to keep PC a viable platform

xDaRkModEx3050d ago

I can not see piracy being stopped. Meh...

kraze073050d ago

"my point is this unless the growth of piracy is stopped PC gaming will.....well not die, but will only consist of MMO's and a few very hardcore games. This new DRM measure are publisher trying to keep PC a viable platform"

Piracy is also rampant on the PSP, DS, and Xbox360 so I don't really see this as being true.

ballsofsteel3050d ago

piracy is nowhere near as bad on those consoles as it is on PC. in order to pirate games on psp,DS, or 360 generally there has to be some hardware hack or a firmware hack. On pc the process couldn't be simpler most of the time all you need is download the game, install, and replace the executable file with a cracked one.

steve30x3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

DRM has been around since the amiga 500 days where there was very little Piracy. So Its not realy Piracy that drove Developers to add DRM.

Also your comment about Red Dead Redemption is rubbish. Can you not remember GTA IV? It was a Console only game for about six months (Could be longer I cant remember) and RockStar said it wouldnt be on PC ever. Now look GTA IV is on the PC.

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