Two 'huge' Sony announcements coming tomorrow

GamerZines writes:

Whilst E3 may not be kicking off until Sunday night, it would seem that Sony are set to make two 'huge' announcements tomorrow.

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Godmars2903054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Sorry, but what day is "tomorrow?"

Just saying, what's someone who reads this two days from now going to think?

the-show-stopper3054d ago

their not trying to keep secrets
thier purposely revealing these titles to gardner all the attention
besides now nobody is expecting them to surprise so if they do go for a surprise its gonna be 10x bigger then if they didnt announce these titles

WildArmed3053d ago

I'm betting on a firmware update.
They do that often.. announce the features of the fw with a video before hand.
And maybe something else along with it?
GT5 release Date?! lol

Either way, the weekend is gonna be exciting.. and next week is gonna be a blast!

Hideo_Kojima3053d ago

just announce the games and not show anything until E3...

WildArmed3053d ago

Just cause they announced the game b4 E3 doesn't mean they can't show badass gameplay.

Why do i have to keep reminding people of Uncharted 2 in action last E3.
It kicked ass! even though people KNEW it was coming, when they saw it in action.

The crowd just died xD

Conloles3053d ago

A game with Wii support probably.

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Cajun Chicken3054d ago

Well, it should be Saturday. It is in the UK anyhow.

MexicanAppleThief3054d ago

It's friday in the UK. Not saturday....

Marceles3054d ago

that's what Cajun said, the day of "tomorrow" is Saturday in the UK

Cajun Chicken3054d ago

No no, I mean tomorrow, probably typed in the wrong tense. I was replying to #1.

WhittO3054d ago

lol no, its Saturday tomorrow, wow some people on here don't even know what comes after Friday in the week!

jack_burt0n3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

look all i know is its the day before e3 starts f**k what its called :P and 2nd day of world cup


that was some awesome stuff right there

MexicanAppleThief3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Wait lol my fault lol, I thought Cajun was trying to say that today was saturday, but he was replying to Godmars290.

rezzah3054d ago

All this is confusing ^

danfry3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Errm, it's Saturday now in the UK... 04:01 Saturday morning. But yesterday (when your posts were posted) it was Friday. E3 Officially starts on Sunday, which is now tomorrow.

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deadreckoning6663054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

PSN Premium and price drop

"Wow Sony might win e3 even before it started (:"

OH MAN! There giving out trophies this year!? When did the E3 committee announce this?

HungPHAT3054d ago

Don't say that ! The little MS guys might cry , there used to buying the Win Opps I mean suprising up with new IP's ! Oh I know how there going to win ! Exclusive gamer pics !!!! Whooooo I'll run right out to Best Buy right now BAMMMMMMM

hamoor3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS??? And e3 is not here yet!!!
Wow Sony might win e3 even before it started (:

morganfell3053d ago

Sony did win and so did we...the day they launched the PS3.

blumatt3054d ago

PS2 Classics and PSP2! Boom to the power of Boom! lol And you can play PS2 classics and PS1 classics on the PSP2. That would be insane! GTA San Andreas on a portable system!

sikbeta3054d ago

Something Awesome Like that Must Be on The E3 and not before, same with PS2 Games on PSN, PSN Premium, New IPs and new price-tags or Models of Current Gaming Devices...

ChronoJoe3054d ago

The article is dated, it's not without context.

Not to mention that this article will sink by the time whatever Sony have up there sleeve is announced.

PoSTedUP3054d ago

sony must be over loaded with awesomeness, much more then Microsoft and Nintendo it seems. hey they ARE sony after all and they DID dominate 2 generations in a row, i expect nothing less from them, they really are an amazingly talented company

dun care what they have in store, i just want my GT5!!!! a PSP2 would be cool though : D

sinncross3054d ago

I'm excited to see what e3 brings for Sony. With all these new software announcements they must have something to surprise us with: they usually have fairly consistent showings at e3.

that said, i hope these 2 'huge' announcements are not overkill... I mean their pre-e3 hype is heavily in their favour as it stands: no need to overkill it with e3 around the corner.

oh well, cant wait to see what these are :D

princejb1343054d ago

mayb there announcing all these games now because they have so many titles to announce E3 aint long enough for their presentation

NYPunk883053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

they'll look at the date on the article and make the correct assumption? Holy shit I'm excited! Are you excited! woo-haaa!

vhero3053d ago

Well I know they saving the PS2 announcement for E3 :p

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notmushroom3054d ago

Saturday by the sound of it.

RayRay363054d ago

Either Sonys E3 is going to be like the Christmas day where you opened all your presents on Christmas Eve, & your really disappoitned you opened'em. Or its going to be one hell of a fuc*in E3. Has anything like this happened before? All these big announcements right before E3. I really dont get it.

Death24943054d ago

control to make any success Natal has at it's pre-E3 show, look mediocre. It's strategic warfare at it's best. Right now, all we're talking about is Sony and all their big game announcements. But there is a chance of this backfiring though, because if they only show us things they've already announced then it's going to be just as you stated. But it would be foolish to think Microsoft didn't have something amazing up their sleeves with Natal. It's also a rumor buzzing around about a Hulu exclusive deal. I would call this the relaunching E3, simply because Sony and Microsoft both, seem to be relaunching their systems.

jack_burt0n3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Yeah the Microsoft version is to record their show and broadcast it on mtv while the Sony conference is happening.

Not very subtle but effective warfare.

So why are Microsoft doing it then... by chance?... not a day later or two hours after the show or after the sony show or after their own conference?

Its not true most gamers watch all three shows no matter what consoles they own average consumers dont care but reception is important for word of mouth.

ChronoJoe3054d ago

@jackburton what use is that, the average consumer won't watch E3 anyway, post E3 media coverage and marketing influences sales and hype, not the E3 presentation itself.

jaredhart3054d ago

Can't wait to hear their announcements during E3!

Focker4203054d ago

I think Sony are going to put me into a coma before E3 even starts. I'm still in shock from the last 5 announcements. What could they possibly have next??

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