Is This Nintendo's 3DS?

The Nintendo 3DS will have a 3D camera, two differently-designed screens, a tilt sensor and will be significantly more powerful than current handhelds, according to our reporting.

A sketch of the 3DS by a Chinese blogger who claims to have a 3DS development kit matches other reports and information Kotaku has heard from people familiar with Nintendo's next handheld. All together they form what is Kotaku's best guess of what Nintendo's next major gaming device will offer players.

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Monteblanco3054d ago

No confirmed spec.

Wait and see what they are cooking.

Chris3993054d ago

Very excited about the device, but also unimpressed if the frickn' thing doesn't come with an analog nub. The d-pad on the DS is uncomfortable and has always been a sore point with me - quite literally, it grinds the joint of my thumb.

Alcon Caper3054d ago

lol analog?

i think they left that controller ages ago...

Chris3993054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Complete with pictures for the mentally infirm. That's what they're called.

Darkfocus3054d ago

all the fps games on ds control great though I would prefer a physical analog stick

Eamon3054d ago

actually, if you read the update, there is an analog stick.

N4GAddict3054d ago

It is just a mockup from Kotaku.

nunley333054d ago

the mockup pic on the site has analog, but ir's not an actual picture. it's photoshop but they said they believe it has it. That top big widescreen would be great for watching movies off a sd card

jack_burt0n3054d ago

<update> Now it has analog lol

kesvalk3053d ago

there is something below the d-pad... seems like a analog, but i don't think the 3DS will be like this one...

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rezzah3054d ago

They should make a screen the size of an almond just for you.

dgroundwater3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Funny thing is, this is exactly how I hoped the next DS could look. I would be very impressed if something like this were true.

Blaze9293054d ago

Doubt it. Nintendo already went on record saying it might not even be called the 3DS or have the inclusion of DS in the name at all. Thinking back to how they did that with the original Gameboy to DS move, that could mean a new product and they can't do that with something that 'still' looks like just 'another' DS.

MegaPowa3054d ago

Then how would old ds games work

AridSpider3054d ago

who said anything about it being backwards compatible?

Darkfocus3054d ago

Nintendo already confirmed backwards compatibility in their press release

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MexicanAppleThief3054d ago

Remove the d-pad and add an analog stick, then we'll talk.

Quadrix3054d ago

They have to keep the analog. The system is supposed to be backwards compatible with DS games, after all. Kind of a dumb move on Nintendo's part, if you ask me. By making it backwards compatible, they're making the recently released DSi completely irrelevant, and possibly limiting their design choices for the sake DS and DSi games.

MexicanAppleThief3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Really? How will previous game be irrelevent? All you need to do to imitate the D-pad is push the stick in the direction you want. I can't think of any DS and DSi games that wouldn't work with this.

And hell, it would open up to games with better controls. Analog stick > D-pad, but if they put in both, then even better.

Quadrix3054d ago

Analog stick is not better than a D-Pad if the game in question was designed to use a D-Pad. In fact, an analog makes it worse.

gumgum993054d ago

Its going to have, both, an Analog Stick, and a D-pad.

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