"There has been no recall in Australia" says MS

You may remember the rumours a few weeks ago, claiming that a defect had caused EB Games Australia to call for a recall of every single one of its Xbox 360 Premium consoles.

Allegedly, a batch of faulty HDDs had caused the problem, leading to orders asking store managers to test every Xbox 360 console in stock at Aussie EB stores.

It's been a bit slow on the ball but Microsoft has finally come out and denied the rumour, telling CVG "there has been no 'recall' in Australia or anywhere else. The rumours and speculation appearing are just that - rumours and speculation."

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marionz5609d ago

this is why it doesnt pay to believe everything you read on the net
although MS have had a tough time lately i can only see things getting better from here on, i count myself lucky ive never had a problem with my console but yes im happy for the warrenty and im happy MS are sorting out the hardwar issues
congratulations to sony though, its nice to see they havnt had any huge issues with their hardware, everyone should be able to enjoy their choice of console without the fear of it craping out

THAMMER15609d ago

No one should have to deal with any issues. But it is a good thing they step of to the plate for those that do.

achira5609d ago

who says that ms does not lie ? i mean why should retailers lie ?

Daewoodrow5609d ago

Why would they even bother? It would be far too easy to prove they were lying, and the bad publicity alone would be worse than if there really was a recall, let alone the lawsuit.
Plus, the retailer never actually confirmed the recall. It was "insider info". So the retailer didn't lie either.

TheXgamerLive5608d ago

Hey Idiot!!! It wasn't the retailers who posted the article, it was a sony fan boy like you, you loser.

I don't care if it's anti sony or Wii or Xbox 360, people please leave it at home. It's not needed unless it's 'REAL' news.

SuperSaiyan45609d ago (Edited 5609d ago )

Who cares, if Microsoft are fixing the problem its better than not doing anything about it.

Even though it makes me sick the amount of nonsense Microsoft have said about the issue being 'various' causes at least Microsoft have said 'yes there are issues and we are paying BACK to the people that paid to fix it and giving a 3yr warranty on the red light issue'.

I hope Microsoft has learnt its lesson this gen and next time does not use cheap parts and does not rush a console onto the market to beat the competion.

But since technology is moving and Microsoft will be using 65nm CPU and GPU it wont be long before everyone including Sony start using 45nm technology meaning even the next gen consoles after this SHOULD be very reliable.

EDIT: Wow I lost a bubble...

Bathyj5609d ago

I dont know about a total recall as it was only EB games but my local EB games had to return all their stock and wait for new stock to arrive. They are also no longer allowed to offer their in store extented replacement warranty (which is how I've gotten 2 new machines not repair jobs) although they will still honour warrantys that already exist.

I honestly dont know what to think when it comes to M$ anymore.

Flame me if you like but everything I just said is true.

Shadow Flare5609d ago

-That's because in Australia, they don't call them recalls, they call them switcharoonys

Bathyj5609d ago (Edited 5609d ago )

Thats farkin funny. Guess I'll throw another bubble on ya barbie.

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The story is too old to be commented.