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Edward-Kraken3104d ago

There are new silhouttes too. The third silhoutte when the Marvel logo shows up seems to be Spidey and the one on Capcom's logo seems to be Trish.

Now all we need is gameplay......

Christopher3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Updates based on my speculations and others posts:

1. Avengers (Captain America or Pym)
2. Fantastic Four (Dr. Doom)
3. General Marvel Universe (Spider-man)
4. X-Men (Nightcrawler)

1. Darkstalkers (Felicia)
2. DMC Universe (Trish possibly)
3. ??? (resident evil possibly)
4. Street Fighter (Chun-Li)

@Kingdom Come: Thanks for the correction.

@FiftyFourPointTwo: I'm assuming it's Galactus. I hope they're not going with Frank West, he just seems a bit bland and a little too new to the game for my tastes. Also, the body/head looks more effeminate than what you see with Frank West in Dead Rising. Trish would fit that second silhouette very nicely, though.

FiftyFourPointTwo3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Marvel - Left to right
1. Captain America
2. Dr Doom
3. Spider-Man
4. Super Skrull

Capcom - Left to right
1. Felicia
2. Trish?
3. Frank West
4. Chun-li

So who appeared at the end of the trailer? Dormammu? Galactus? Dark Pheonix? Human Torch isnt a possibility since they confirmed that none of the Fantastic 4 will make it.

rezzah3104d ago

Arn't there more than one Human Torch?

RockmanII73104d ago

I will lol if Spiderman and Megaman don't make it

RufustheSage3104d ago

I will piss and spit blood if they aren't. I mean how could they not make it?

Kingdom Come3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Notice the Doctor Doom Silhoutte behind the Marvel Logo.
This game is gonna be Sick! Capcom back on form!
I can imagine Galactus or Apocalypse making an appearence, what with the ending, and the Deadpool/Dante fights are gonna be mindblowingly fun!

Yi-Long3104d ago

... behind the marvel-logo is most likely Cap America. I agree the 2nd one is probably Dr. Doom. 3rd could be Spidey, and fourth might be HawkEye, but can't say for sure obviously.

Megaton3104d ago

Servbot or GTFO. Love that little guy.

ForNgoods3104d ago

I also wished they would have saved Zero for this game instead of Tats. vs Cap. but i'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

Nitrowolf23104d ago

sweet this is gonna be awesome

Ryuha1234h3104d ago

I'm sorry but I don't like the comic book look.

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The story is too old to be commented.