RPG Games We’re Looking Forward to See at E3

"With E3 happening in less than a week, there are a lot of people wondering how many RPG games are expected to be showcased on the show floor.

From the line-up that the publishers revealed in the past couple of days, we mostly see shooters and action adventure titles. Where are the RPG games? The beginning of 2010 was a good one for hardcore RPG gamers as they were graced by a plethora of RPG games namely; Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy XIII, and Alpha Protocol. Now that we’re in the middle of the year and E3 just around the corner, what RPGs should we expect to be announced at E3?" - Just Push Start

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PPNSteve3049d ago

While I'm not a hardcore RPG fan, I do want to see what's new, interesting and different, if that's even possible.

Aphe3049d ago

That's the only RPG I want really.

Tony P3049d ago

It would be nice to hear that Deus Ex will have as much RPG elements in it as the very first, though I think it will.

If nothing else, I'd like to hear about TES V too.

NOT a TES MMO though.

MightyMark4273049d ago

Where's my Suikoden VI? :( I hope that game will be announced this year

bangoskank3049d ago

How can anyone disagree with Suikoden? I, II, & III were some of the best games in the genre.

ShinMaster3049d ago

Suikoden VI along with KH3 and Persona 5 :)

easto1a3049d ago

New Vegas is the rpg im looking forward to most :)

MattyF3049d ago

XenoBlade is the one I want to hear an official release date on.

GameOn3049d ago

Fable 3, lost odyssey 2, Mass Effect 3 and a new Elder Scrolls please.

lelo2play3049d ago

Add Fallout Las Vegas, Witcher 2, The Last Guardian, Dragon Age 2, DEUS EX ... and DIABLO 3 ... and you are spot on with your list.

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The story is too old to be commented.