Kojima Productions counting down to Microsoft's conference

In their usual pre-E3 hype building fashion, Kojima Productions has added a mysterious countdown to their website. The timer appears to be counting down to Microsoft's E3 press conference which raises even more questions as to what it could mean. Could MS have a Konami exclusive after all?

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VegaShinra3055d ago

The countdown ends in 4 days for US/LA time. Which brings us to Tuesday.

Pennywise3055d ago

Examiner once again showing us how worthless they are. Blog journalism at its worst. Someone should of put in on twitter so they could understand it better!

Conloles3055d ago

I also am counting down

SixZeroFour3055d ago

it also depends if the timer is counting today as a day itself, which would support Examiners guess, but thats a long stretch...pretty sure its for tuesday as well

Biggunz3055d ago

is worthless. They should be considered a blog, which they are and shouldn't be allowed to post their ignorant blog posts.

SullyDrake3055d ago

With the cutting images pointing towards a "director's cut", MGS being in the source code, and lining up with Sony's E3 date, it seems pretty obvious.

Omega Archetype3055d ago

That would absolutely make my E3 right there. We'd get Trophy support, and tons of extras. I'd buy that again (since I love MGS4, well all MGSs actually.)

Downtown boogey3055d ago

Yes! That must be it!
There are also some sort of a picture behind the screens and parts of it flash periodically but I'm not able to see what it is at least yet.

g0green3055d ago

excuse me MGS stands for microsoft game studios and im not entirely sure what you are trying to reference please be more clear

zeeshan3055d ago

Thats TONS of money for Konami and Kojima Productions right there sir! MGS Director's Cut, trophies, all the MGO DLC, making of MGS4 and what not. GOD!!! I am already sold on a rumor that is not even a rumor yet!

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Montrealien3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday = 4?

Or Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday = 4?

This is odd, I guess the real question is...

is it 1, 2, Go!

or 1, 2, 3, Go!

Either way, any news from Kojima Studios is good news if you ask me.

Qui-Gon Jim3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

There was an episode of "Curious George" that dealt with this, you should watch it. Very informative.

Edit: Oh my god. We're going to turn this into an argument about how to COUNT?!? Take two steps forward. Are you only one step away from where you were? If Sunday is four days from now, then Saturday is three days from now. That would make tomorrow TWO days from now, and today would be one day from now.

"Edit 2": I'm not arguing this. Let's just find out on Monday. I will say this: maybe I was a bit hostile, and I apologize for that.

Montrealien3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

even better.

when there are 3 chickens, there are 3 chickens.

Edit: Wow, chill out dude. Damn commies, always so edgy.

Edit 2: Rofl, dude. seriously?

Arksine3055d ago

Friday - counter shows 4 days

Saturday - counter shows 3 days

Sunday - counter shows 2 days

Monday - counter shows 1 day

Tuesday - counter at zero, site updated

Realistically it would have been less confusing if Kojima just used hours instead of days.

Omega Archetype3055d ago

You fail at math, however, I agree that any news from Kojima Productions is good news.

Can't wait to find out what it is (remember Konami's Presser is on Tuesday.)

ReservoirDog3163055d ago

Well, 24 hours from now, it'd be 1 day, saturday. 48 hours from now, it'd be 2 days, sunday. 72 hours from now, it'd be 3 days, monday. 96 hours from now, it'd be 4 days. Tuesday.


SixZeroFour3055d ago

personally i think it depends on how you are counting...for myself, if i was counting up, i would say

today(fri) is day 1
tomorrow(sat) day 2
after that(sun) day 3
lastly(mon) day 4

BUT if i was doing a count down (which this is) i would say today(fri) 4 days left
tomorrow(sat) 3 days left
after that(sun) 2 days left
after that(mon) 1 day left
finally, the day (tues)

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sarshelyam3055d ago

If we counted Friday...come Monday we would still be saying (1 Day to go). Tuesday is most obviously the announcement date, but I could see how this could be confusing.

I also want to extend a thanks to the humorous comments above linking to Curious George. You couldn't have had a better explanation to enlighten those not in the know.

Montrealien3055d ago

tell that to Qui-Gon Jim, he has a stick in is ass to concentrated on making sure people know it is Tuesday. lol

Qui-Gon Jim3055d ago

I just try to correct things that are so blatantly wrong.

Today is the 11th. 11 + 4 = 14?

Critical_Hit3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I still think it counts down to Monday and that MGS:R gameplay footage will be shown at Microsoft's press conference. The slicing symbolizes Raiden's sword for the action gameplay. Or at least that's my guess. Well whatever the date my guess is MGS:R gameplay.


I see Kojima is giving us headaches again

Xander7563055d ago

How does it bring us to Tuesday? Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Looks like four days to me. Do you have trouble conting?

Pennywise3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Right now it says 4 days remaining:

Sat - 3 days remaining
Sun - 2 Days remaining
Mon - 1 Day remaining

Do you have trouble conting(sic)?

Has anyone even questioned the crazy images he has below it? Whats with all the foods being cut? Reminds me of MGS4 crazy commercials. (Directors cut??)

mcslick1013055d ago

Who cares what platforms it's on. You're petty denial comments wont change what is.

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Quagland3055d ago

Yeah, it ends in 4 days. That's Sony & Nintendo's conference. Can this guy not count?

Dlacy13g3055d ago

Well if you count Friday (today) as one of the days then its Monday. And it says 3 days left in again...I think this points to Monday...not Tuesday.

Kain813055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

in Japan its saturday now not friday

Edit:Some hours ago Both Regions US/LA and JP were on 4 Days

Qui-Gon Jim3055d ago

Thate makes about as much sense as the "i + !" being a reference to the memory card slots on the 360. That turned out to be "Metal Gear Solid Touch" on the iPhone.

DeadlyFire3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Indeed it is Tuesday that the timer ends.

Metal Gear Solid 5 for PS3? Peace Walker connected to it or ported? Maybe.

Although you guys do know Konami has its own press conference this year. Separate from all platforms. That is on Tuesday as well.

Perkel3055d ago

metal gear peace walker director cut for ps3 :D

extermin8or3055d ago

a quick google showed that to be wednesday actually

Quagland3055d ago

I think Kain81 is right, it's Saturday in JP now. And take a look at Konami's list: http://www.computerandvideo...

hay3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

You may know this already but the timer stops at tuesday ; p

And if this guy has problems counting to ten... Well, he found a perfect fit among today's blog "journalism".

@QUagland: "Metal Gear Solid 5 (PS3)"? No wai!

The in-pants cum will commence once I'll recover from shock.

Xander7563055d ago

You realize that Monday is 4 days away right? LOL

metalhead3055d ago

Monday is four days away if you count today. THe only way you will know is if the countdown doesnt say 1 day remaining the day of the Msoft conference. If it does then Im sorry to say that it is indeed Tuesday. Tomorrow itll say 3 days remaining Sunday 2 days remaining. Monday 1 day remaining. Tuesdeay 0 days remaining.

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zetsuei13055d ago

Knows that Alexander Hinkley is the biggest 360 Fanboy fanatic in the world.

Can't tell why he is still there and bringing shame to examiner site /facepalm

What a idiot.

Xander7563055d ago

Actually I own a PS3 and play it just as often as I do my Xbox 360. Nice try though. The strategy of people such as yourself is to call people who like other things fanboys to try to discredit them but it just makes you look like a fanboy yourself. You should take video games less seriously buddy.

zetsuei13055d ago

Yeah right i was the one that wrote one freakin article crying about Alan Wake low score at metacritics blaming the "Sony fanboys" when you actually don't remember that who started this war on metacritics wasn't them but xbots who gave MGS4 a low rate?!

yeah i'm sure you don't remember that. But also look at your articles:

"Xbox 360 tops PS3 despite God of War 3 boost"
"2010: The year of the Xbox 360"
"Final Fantasy XIII better on 360"

Yeah i'm the fanboy. Cut that crap.

Becko3055d ago

worst case scenario: Metal Gear Raising time exclusive por 360 -_- ... don't screw it Kojima -_____-