PlayStation Move Q&A with President of SCE Worldwide Studios

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has today revealed new details on the forthcoming PlayStation Move motion controller, by way of a question and answer (Q&A) session with Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE Worldwide Studios. PlayStation Move is set to make a big splash when it arrives this Autumn, and is also expected to feature heavily in SCE’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) showcase in Los Angeles next week.

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zetsuei13142d ago

information and many people haven't heard about this site either.

Dunno if I trust the infos that come from this site (not in this case only but in all cases)

Conloles3142d ago Show
DA_SHREDDER3142d ago

"The high fidelity of motion recognition and real time response are the key for the success of any motion based game input device, and the controller surpasses in these areas anything that is available in the market either at present or later in 2010."

Damn that was cold blooded.

jalen2473142d ago

That quote pretty much sums the motion control war

blumatt3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

The Move's price will be the determining factor for its success. If it has a bundle with a Move, the PS Eye and some party games for $99, that will be a lot more enticing than the Natal if the Natal really costs $150. Really, the Natal needs to be around $75 for it to penetrate the market like the Move (pun intended).

DA_SHREDDER3142d ago

Calm down butthurtmatt. If the Wii sold for $250, then surely this is gonna work out just fine.

blumatt3142d ago

the reason the Wii does well at $250 is because it is an entire console. Natal and Move are add-ons. They will be more price sensitive.

sickbird3142d ago

i really dont think old people are going to going out to buy a ps3 to use the Move controller like sony thinks they are. They will see it as the same thing as wii and say "Oh i already have that and dont use it anymore" thats what sony doesnt seem to understand. The non gaming community that bought a wii doesnt use it anymore! they are not interested in a HD version of the wii, even if it turns out to be better.

Dac2u3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I completely agree, of all the older folks I know, 40+ years old that own a Wii, none own a PS3 or an Xbox. So, why do both Sony and MS think they're going to win these people over? It's not going to happen. Unless they're more than casual gamers, they're not going to spend $200-300 on a console and another $99-150 on an add-on. Even if a bundle is offered for $250-350 it's still not going to win over the older Wii crowd, unless they're more than casual gamers.