Nova in StarCraft II?

The new StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty trailer has released and is pure visual goodness for the excited legions of Blizzard fans, but could the latest video show off the star of the unreleased StarCraft: Ghost, Nova?

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hay3078d ago

Yeah, Blizzard said some part of storyline from Ghost will be in SC2.

AEtherbane3078d ago

That looks like Kerrigan before she was corrupted! nova is blonde, Kerrigan is brunette. O.o

xJxdOggyStYLe3078d ago

since beta went down a few days ago i def have been doing more around the house..did laundry..mowed the grass...cleaned entire kitchen last bored lol...ive been hooked on sc2 beta...and now its like quiting smoking cold turkey.... hard to deal with! lol july 27th plz hurry up or get the final phase of beta out like now! ;)
also i still have a extra beta key for the final phase of beta testing here in a week or so.......if u got something to trade etc its here for the taking

Gitaroo3078d ago

didnt nova had blonde hair?

So Easy I Can Do It3078d ago

yea but the original concept was reddish brown

Odion3078d ago

thats Sarah Kerrigan, that cut scene shows her capture by the zerg

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