Why XCOM needs to be an FPS

As the internet relinquishes details of the new XCOM, a predictable knee-jerk reaction has ensued from disgruntled fans of the original nineties Microprose series: this is why we think XCOM should be a first-person shooter.

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dangert123144d ago

don't need to be anything.
and whats the point of this ain't it confimed fps

Biglet3144d ago

It is. Unless the PC Gamer UK and official XB mag features were a complete fabrication, and the video on IGN is all lies.

captain-obvious3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

why not BOTH ?
i mean make a game that the user can switch between 3rd and FPS if he wants
unless there is multiplayer then they need to lock it
and there everyone is happy then

by the way i hope this comes to the PS3
but since its 2K it may happen just like bioshock

Awookie3142d ago

What do you mean? The whole point is that it should be a strategy game like the originals

Commander TK3142d ago

a 360 website, it's obvious that they wan't to be an FPS. I mean, come on, what do they play besides shooters? No offense though

Godmars2903144d ago

With all the other FPS out there, there needs to be one more.

Could have tried for a turn based or realtime strategy title with resource management, R&D, but no, its another FPS...

eggbert3142d ago

sell is why. Anyways, this game is going PC/360 right? It's be TERRIBLY shitty to be playing an RTS game on consoles, trust me I still have Starcraft 64.

Godmars2903142d ago

I for one don't buy them. Also pretty sure that for every MW2 or Halo there are dozens of FPS that aren't worth anyone's time.

As for RTS, no ones really explored a console version. The few there are are PC ports.

Downtown boogey3142d ago

Immersiveness is the emerging trend as graphics reach believable levels and first-person view contributes to it the best.

Tony P3142d ago

I don't buy em either, but they still set the sales records.

"Immersion" ain't the reason. It's pretty blatant, the cash in.

Console gamers don't know crap about X-COM. The game got its fame on PC. So take an established name, change the genre, and sell it to an audience that doesn't know any better.

Not very different from localizing a foreign product.

Raf1k13142d ago

I ain't surprised to see this come from an xbox site.
They should stick with the original style of game and improve on it. The fact that it's going to be an FPS makes me want to try the original games to see what the XCOM series is about since the FPS will likely not do it justice.

pippoppow3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Would have loved an X-com game with a similar engine like VC, just more robust. This FPS craze has really stunted creativity and variety this gen. It's easy money so I see why it's being pushed but it is disappointing.

+ Original Xcom is still a great strategy game. Hard game but engrossing. Highly recommend.

Kingdom Come3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I love it when people complain about there being "Too many FPS's", yet over Hype FPS titles more than any other.....

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wicko3142d ago

Is to not be called X-Com. I never played the originals but it seems a lot of fans aren't too thrilled about this game using the X-com name. Honestly I'm confused as to why they bothered considering most of the youngins have never heard of X-Com, so it isn't like the name will attract anyone. Could have called it anything else, really.

Raf1k13142d ago

I agree but the thing about using the X-Com name is that it already has a following and by using the name you've already got the attention of those people whereas using a new name would have no following until people have played it.

comp_ali3142d ago

the writer want Xcom to be reverted into FPS , isn't easier to make a new IP that you want rather than fooling fans into thinking it is like the old game.

Every genre has its fans so can you please leave people and what they like. Anf FYI , there is tons of FPS games out there , aren't all of them enough for you ?

Stealth20k3142d ago

They could have named the game anything its just a generic shooter. They used the xcom name to get sales which is low and despicable.

The game is a rpg, and this crap i wont touch

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