Xbox 360 Gets Price Cut ... At E3

It seems that the Xbox 360 will get a price cut at E3, as Videogameszone writes. Begining from next Monday the Xbox 360 is available for 199 Euro (before: 249 Euro) in Austria. It is possible that Xbox 360 is getting a worldwide price cut because of Project Natal.

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D4RkNIKON3054d ago

Disposable consoles shouldn't be expensive..

KingME3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

That was simply fanboyish and irresponsible. I'll leave it at that.

@Conloles (below) - Why do guys like you just have to say dumb sh!t like that all the time. Is it really necessary or are you seeking attention.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33054d ago

Those are words of someone who is butthurt...Bender over!!! LOL...I'm joking...kinda'...

HolyOrangeCows3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Predictions from employees ALWAYS come true.
I mean, look at all of the predictions that have popped up on the net from gamestop employees...those always come true.

Barbapapa3054d ago

let the battle begin!!! with e3 as the main event.

Conloles3054d ago

Hahaha so PS3 are going to have to concede more losses now again.

Christopher3054d ago

@Conloles: I'm confused by your statement. Could you elucidate?

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outrageous3054d ago

Well, I like to look at the new adverts at the end of the week. Strange thing NO 360 ads this week, At ALL!!! None at Walmart, future shop etc... anywhere. Fathers Day coming up and no ads. No doubt, A new price and more than likely a new " slim " type of 360 incoming.

Anybody else have the same experience with the advertisements.

logikil3054d ago

It makes sense. Don't push the 360 before the E3 announcement of a price cut and then blast advertisements throughout the summer to get stock down in expectation of a new form factor system or just a new standard bundle.

I really really hope that MS gives up this stupid notion that the systems should not all have drives. 360 slims (assuming they exist) should all be equipped with HDD, and really should all be equipped with wireless. Perhaps if there is a Natal bundle it will include a wireless adapter.

Christopher3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

I wonder why only in Austria?

El Botto3054d ago

360 hasnt received a price cut.

Bots are speculating that the 360 is getting a price cut.

Another day, same ol shit.

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electricshadow3054d ago

It will be interesting to see how Sony responds to this.

52pickup3054d ago

A price cut too most likely.

aviator1893054d ago

I really doubt that sony will do another price-cut on their baby. There really is no reason for them to price-cut. The price is justified and consumers should see that.

Greywulf3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Despite how badly MS tries to associate itself with Sony's glory.

As if "well this one does the same thing for less" which is why the #'s for sales are still close. They aren't in a rush to try to be second either and they have a roadmap for price reduction, just as they've had a roadmap for games/hardware changes etc.

The 360 could be free, and People would still buy a PS3/Bluray combo. I mean look at the history of the Price Drops of the 360, and the gap is closing. Thats a fact.

Alcon Caper3054d ago

Yes. Can Sony afford another price cut? If so, I think they'd have to put on one of those big foam hats and big sunglasses and say, "We're cutting prices! And it's INSSAAAAAANEE!!!"

raztad3054d ago

Sony will do nothing to respond to this.

nickjkl3054d ago

sony doesnt have to any atempts for rivals to survive will be cut smoothly and swiftly

Omega43054d ago

If this is true maybe the slim won't debut at E3, MS will obviously need to move their remaining stock and that could be what the price cut is for

logikil3054d ago

Actually the price drop would be a necessity if they reveal a slim 360. If they reveal one, sales of the 360 would grind to an even slower pace. The only way to counter that is to make what's already out there cheaper. Otherwise you end up with a lot of stock of the old design along with stock of the new form factor which would spell disaster at retail.

NecrumSlavery3054d ago

MS makes up the difference with expensive HDDs, and well NATAL is goin to cost $150. So where's the price cut?

OSU_Gamer3054d ago

The Elite has a HDD.

How is dropping $100 not a price cut. You don't have to buy Natal.

If Sony announces a $100 price cut and then charges $100 for Move, I'm sure I wouldn't see you saying the same thing about that.

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