Kojima Counting Down to More Metal Gear at E3

PSLS writes:

It looks like Kojima is up to his old tricks as a new countdown has been revealed, and we’ve uncovered some proof that it may have to do with Metal Gear yet again.

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GrieverSoul3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

This is kinda obvious! Raiden sword = Cutting.
Maybe he is hinting that this is a Hack and Slash type of game. Maybe its ZoE3!

Also Kojima likes to put abvious and a twist together.
Doesnt matter what we say it is, Kojima will do the predictable but will add a twist to it. Thats why he is who HE IS!

doctorstrange3051d ago

Good ol Kojima loves to mess with our heads

WildArmed3051d ago

I truly hate kojima with his mind twisters

btw I find it funny how Kojima said AGAIN and AGAIN that MGS4 would be his last 'true' MGS title he works on.

Yet he has already started working on 2 titles (and completed one of em!).

well truth be told, I dont want MGS to die ^^
I'm excited to see what Kojima has in store for us at E3.
It's either make or break MGS:R for me. (assuming it is for MGS:R)

From what I understand he is also working on Castlevania?
So is he trying to make TWO hack and slash games at the same time?
Castlevania + MGS:R?
I surely hope MGS:R isn't a h&s. I wanna keep MGS at it's roots.
nothing like MGS:Ac!d. or that Itouch mgs please xD

chiwoo3051d ago

MGS is the solid snake sega it is over Metal gear Raiden is new Kojima himself said it.

lpfisher3051d ago

Not necessarily. If you recall (or maybe you don't) there were cooking show segments throughout MGS4.

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Calm Down Sunshine3051d ago

Perhaps we play as pensioner snake, cooking and doing DIY around the house?

Qui-Gon Jim3051d ago

The "Metal Gear" keyword COULD just be to direct people who would be interested in Kojima's stuff, but I'm sure it will be about MGS: Rising. A trailer and gameplay info, with perhaps a release window?

extermin8or3051d ago

well countdown ends in 4 days right, well thing is that konamis confernce is in 5 days... wednesday, I think this may be for one of the other confrences i.e: sony's or microsoft (although I don't know when M$ has theirs)

Doc Sony3051d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.