Amazon $10-$20 Video Game Credit List (Updated 6/11)

"Amazon has recently added an number of upcoming titles to their $10-$20 video game credit promo.

Here is the updated $10-$20 Amazon Credit list:"

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jaredhart3077d ago

The place where I buy my video games.

harv7113077d ago

Absolutely agree. I don't have to pay sales tax which is 7% where I live, and is usually $2-3 cheaper than retail. That usually saves me anywhere between $6-7 per game compared if I just went and bought it at Gamestop or Wal-Mart. They also have free shipping and release day delivery, plus these $10-20 deals. Hard to look anywhere else with all that Amazon has going for it.

CAPT_IRISH3077d ago

amazon is the place to buy

jagstatboy3077d ago

LOL, the Call of Duty: Black Ops link under PS3 takes you to the Wii version.

Sitdown3077d ago

shown as $129 when the site says $149? I am aware that Wal-Mart originally sold it for $129 though.

Ch1d0r13077d ago

try NewEgg, great alternative and great deals