Morgan Webb: 3D gaming is a waste of companies time as no one can play them

Good point Morgan Webb. G4's female gaming guru has claimed that 3D gaming is essentially a waste of companies time right now because no one has the means to play them. However, she did draw comparisons to the same problem with HD gaming all those years back, but look at us all now!

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DA_SHREDDER3104d ago

damnit Morgan. You look smokin in that pic. I would love to wrap those long legs around my head you sexy lil thing.

UnwanteDreamz3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Morgan has a mans jaw line. She looks like she boxes.

Cevapi883104d ago

we have a new Michael Pachter in the making

mantisimo3103d ago

3D is on its way and even if games don't sell well for their 3D capability there will still be a lot of retrospective take up as more and more people join the 3D option, thus making it viable for companies in the long run.

deadpoole3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

There is a reason ... chicks like Morgan only look good from distance.

3D is something which only few people especially hardcore gamers can perceive its vast epicness and possibilities when implemented in games.

Remember Games were already designed in 3D and our source of viewing was 2D ... now we will get to see the true immersivness and in depth detail about how levels are designed by game developers.

Imagine standin on end of corridor wall peakin to have a look whats goin before you engage ... this is only possible with 3D and motion controls.


candystop3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

What's up with all the hate on a woman? Your probably an a hole who thinks his shit doesn't stink. Everybody's pretty somehow whether it be inside or out!

edit: And the a holes disagree lol. N$g comedy at it's best.

nix3103d ago

well... not many had blu-ray or HD tv five years back but somebody made it and look where we are... same will happen with 3D gaming. plus it's called taking the lead and an advantage.

HolyOrangeCows3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Did she say the same thing about HD at the beginning of this generation?

EDIT: (reads article) Oh snap! She did! What a nut.
Well, she also called Super Mario Galaxy too cartoony...I don't really care what she thinks.

Snoogins3103d ago

That's something only ugly people say!
(I'm just kidding. I agreed with you. <3 )

Spydiggity3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

you people love to make fun of anything that you don't have. so many of you criticize morgan webb and it's not cuz you can do better, that's for sure. she's probably 100x hotter than any chic most of you ever had...actually i'm probably giving you too much credit. it sounds like i'm implying that most of you have even gotten laid.

molsen813103d ago

Don't forget about those linebacker shoulders.

Conloles3103d ago

This is what ive been saying theres less than 1% of tvs on the market yet everyones jumping on it for some godforsaken reason.

barom3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Morgan is kind of right but at the same time 3D will eventually become the standard and it has to start somewhere. This is like saying that eight years ago industries should never have entered HD gaming/movies since no one has it, which would mean HD would never exist. Lets face it, both HD and 3D technologies have existed for many many years, and its because no one has been willing to invest in them that they have never taken off.

Only true visionaries will invest, James Cameron being a great example. IMAX and 3D has existed for years and James Cameron just got the spotlight on them. Now everyone wants to go 3D, companies are even forcibly squeezing it in *cough* Clash Of the Titans *cough*.

aaronisbla3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

i think she's right at this moment. This was the case with HD gaming, its not like she is bashing 3D gaming.

@Spydiggity: Concerning her looks, its funny how some get so worked up over one's unfavorable opinions about her looks. She does have a very broad chin which reminds a lot of people of a man's chin. Its a very strong feature on her that to me makes her look a less attractive than other females imo. Especially in the picture thats on this n4g post (not a very flattering pic)

She isn't ugly, but i have seen much better looking females here in Chicago on a daily basis. Hell, as much as i hate the Chicago Cubs, look at some of their games when they are at home, plenty of females in attendance that make Morgan look like a plain jane


It seems N4G has very high standards for women. You guys must be supermodels no doubt.

aaronisbla3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

^^^ see this is the thing i don't get, this whole " you guys must be supermodels" or " your standards are extremely high"....ehh not really the case here, its just that she's average imo and there's nothing wrong with that. I really do think because she plays games that gamers find her more attractive because of it.

I gave you reasons why some might not find her as attractive as some gamers make her out to be. Her chin is pretty damn broad and manly. The lack of a good ass on her is another reason too but thats all subjective. Some like a woman with a nice ass, some like them to be flat for whatever reason.

Who says you have to be much better looking than someone to judge how they look if you do it in a respectable way?

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Das_Bastardion3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

3D gamimg is a waste of time he? Because nobody is using it right? I see your point.

Well skank, they said the same about HD and look how it turned out

SOAD3104d ago

They didn't say the same thing about HD.

If you're going to make an argument against her at least be civil and don't make shit up.

oohWii3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Das_Bastardion - didn't go a little overboard did you. "SKANK", "UGLY BIATCH" wow, sounds personal. Do you and Morgan have a personal history. Want to share?

You have VERY HIGH standards if this is an ugly biatch:

-Alpha3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

3D has been around for a long time. Sony either has to push it mainstream in its game and media or it wont really matter. Further, you need a 3D TV, and additionally, you need the glasses, I assume a dark room, and a sizable TV to have a good effect.

If Sony is going to push it then by all means, go for it. But I'm not supporting it until I need a new TV, and I'm not buying one just for 3D, especially at the price it's at

Death24943103d ago

People seem to forget that their are enthusiast, like me, that exist. People who are early adopters of the latest tech. If you pop by AVSforums, you'd see that there are quite a few people who own a Samsung C8000 (3dready). Also Mitsubishi's DLP TV's have been 3dready for atleast 4yrs now, and you can buy the 73" version for about $1299.99. Not a bad price given it's size and they're are alot of people who already own that set as well. She's right in saying 3d hasn't reached mass apeal yet, but I can guarantee you there are atleast 5million people (in the world) who own a 3dready tv.

ActionBastard3103d ago

@ Alpha
Thing is, Sony isn't the only player pushing 3D. They are the only player pushing 3D console gaming. Don't support it, that's all your call and I don't see how anyone could blame you. But the argument is really similar to HDTVs vs SDTV. Fact is, you can get a 65in 3D set and 2 sets of glasses for $2100. That doesn't seem like an absurd price. Especially when you go to the store to buy the TV and there's a 3D demo from Samsung or Mitsubishi or Sony or Panasonic or LG and they show you a broadcast of DirecTV on their new 3D channels and then, well the extra $400 doesn't seem all that high. Just sayin.

MegaPowa3103d ago

Yea dont remember her saying something like that

Britney Spears3103d ago

yea but hd is actually worth it,3d is a giant to hd isan actual change,how does 3d make sense.

tahersaid3103d ago

XBOX 360 was the first to open the gate for the HD gen, and the PS3 opened the gate for the 3D gen

jjohan353103d ago

Morgan Webb < Jessica Chobot any day.

thegood333103d ago

Well, it's gonna be a long time before those 3d TV's are in enough homes to warrant having 3d games.

If natal, however, can use head tracking 3d, than that's a whole nother story. Any TV would the user base would be enormous.

Consoldtobots3103d ago

she's not ugly per say, but she isn't all that either.

atticusflinch3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Lest we forget the massive library of 1080P games at our fingertips...

3D could be an incredible immersion into our hobby and the next level of FUN, but it will take some time before it catches on in a massive way.

There is a reason the non-HD Wii is a sales leviathan, but my console of choice is moving up in a big way. Will it catch the Wii anytime soon? No, but eventually even the densest casuals stop denying the superiority factor.

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Optical_Matrix3103d ago

@ Da_Shredder....You filthy Bocat.

Anyways, as cool as it is Sony focusing on it, I'm not entirely convinced. The tech is so expensive lol and not many people are ready for it. I'm ready in as much as I have a PS3. But I don't have the right TV nor do I have classes. I'm going to Uni in October. And as much as I'd like to jump on this bandwagon, it just isn't within my financial capabilities.

DA_SHREDDER3103d ago

Whats Bocat? IM sorry but that pic with Morgan in doggy position gets me excited.

Consoldtobots3103d ago

how can a chick with no ass get you excited?

SilverSlug3103d ago

for me. Sorry.

As for 3-D. I partly agree, due to me not caring about it myself. I know a niche crowd cares and I know that crowd will grow over the years to the mainstream.

They also said Bluray did not matter in 2006. Just saying.

Nike3103d ago

Didn't critics of 3D in movies say the same thing before Avatar was to release? Say what you will about the movie's quality and plot, but you can't deny that it caused a 3D revolution. 3D gaming could take time because it's trying to bring the experience into a person's living room, though.

Good that she mentioned the part about the rise of HD but you'd think she wouldn't make such statements about 3D gaming inspite of that.

Crusade3103d ago

I love how honest people are on n4g sometimes.

MEsoJD3103d ago

That jaw is more manly than mine. :p

I really don't think shes attractive, but Olivia Munn well that's a different story. :)

Genesis53103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

The only thing really holding it back is the high price to play it. Same as HDTV's and Bluray. Lower prices will have more people adopting just the same as any new tech.

Inside_out3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

She's right, 3d a gimmick. 1% of households have a 3D compatible TV. Maybe in 2-3 years when newer 3D type technology takes hold it will be more profitable.

evilmonkey5013103d ago

you must hate TV was also a gimmick when IT came out...or so my grandpa says...

Boody-Bandit3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Where have we all heard that hundreds of times before?

It's such a gimmick that the two biggest broadcast companies in America Comcast and Direct TV, is updating all their surrounding areas for 3D broadcasting.

It's such a gimmick that billion dollar electronic corporations and hollywood studios all over the world are investing in 3D technology. That's why Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Pioneer, Mitsubishi, LG, etc and so on are all creating 3D displays to support this gimmick.

Yeah billions of industries are investing hundreds of millions to billions of dollars because of "this Gimmick".

sikbeta3103d ago

WOW that chick is Really Stupid, isn't her?

I mean, First she was talking Crap about Mario Galaxy 2 and now she is talking Crap about 3D, at least she has a point or something?

Hey girl, stay in the Kitchen.... lol

Bobbykotickrulesz3103d ago


"isn't her"? And you're insulting someone else's intelligence? Oh lordy lordy I busted up laughing.

yippiechicken3102d ago

I don't know about sikbeta's case, but there are a lot of people on n4g who's native language is NOT english. Give 'em a break!

Good day! :)

nygamer283103d ago


evilmonkey5013103d ago

because heterosexuals agree with everything?

Blacktric3103d ago


muDD3103d ago

Gotta start 3d gamming sometime. and now is the perfect time to start it and polish it as more and more tvs support it.

iPad3103d ago

No shit sherlock. People are retarded nowadays. Just because Sony is releasing a 3DTV doesn't mean everyone in the freaking world is gonna get one day 1. As time passes, and prices being dropped people buy them. Not all, but some.

Kurylo3d3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Lol... well i suppose ps3 fanboys are used to getting their dreams stepped on by hot chicks.... even when its not real life related. Its not her fault you cant get laid.

You guys do know playboy offered her a photoshoot a while back right? lol that she respectfully turned down.

Kurylo3d3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

i didnt say that, the wii fans are gettn the women. Great way of flirting when u try to reach up all over her stoppn her from bowling lol.

I just say sony fans cause they the ones here on n4g saying how morgan webb is ugly cause she doesnt like 3d tv lol... Sounds to me like the're a bunch of haters.

aaronisbla3102d ago

some people are haters just because they find her manly looking chin unattractive? hmmm...

Or could it be that she is really just an average looking chic that happens to play games, therefore "increasing" her attractiveness to some gamers?

Lets be honest, she's not exactly ugly but lets not defend her like she's a 10 out of 10

EvilBlackCat3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE A 3d TV? seriously show us a picture with your 3dtv and a paper with your n4g avatar name on it stick to the 3dtv that read. YES EVILKBLACKCAT i own one ohhh and another thing give us the model and also show us a picture of the manual.

Scotland-The-Brave3103d ago

why? if i prove to you that i have a 3d tv does that make you feel better? I or anyone else have nothing to prove to you.

Kurylo3d3103d ago

i think hes making a point that you dont own one. That none of you do. You are just using this to taught over other peoples heads to win a pathetic console war... when in reality it doesnt effect anyone one way or the other cause no one has it anyway.

Bobbykotickrulesz3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I own one. Here let me google a picture of one in someone's living room. And let me also google a picture of the manual.

There, see? I own one.

NYPunk883103d ago

This chick needs to stick to smiling and looking pretty for the camera.

Blacktric3103d ago

She's married you perv.

ReservoirDog3163103d ago

Well HD is just barely catching on. We can barely now expect an HDTV when we walk into people's houses.

But to all those people who just got an HDTV a within the last year, (which is a very very large group) they're not gonna go and buy a new tv to support 3D when they have a perfectly good HDTV.

I don't like 3D, but putting that aside, I don't see how it's profitable to invest so much into it when so few people statistically shouldn't invest into it.

bobrea3103d ago

Dude..seriously? Kick your own ass for saying stupid shit like this on this site.

FrankDaTank3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )


Heisenberg3103d ago

If it weren't for the fact that (s)he has a penis.

Investing, and helping to usher in the future in gaming isn't a waste of time, all new tech has to start somewhere... If all new technology and ideas were deemed a waste of time because it's new and not yet in peoples homes the industry would be stagnant.

avengers19783102d ago

3D is not going to "take off" like HD did, a majority of people are not interested in 3D. They are just attempting to make everyone believe you need to go buy a new 3D TV because "everything will be in 3D"
Even though there is like zero content right now.

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KazumaKiryu3104d ago

Why is she arguing with herself?

Nike3103d ago


I think she's on her multiple personality disorder run.

stonecold13104d ago

shes hot hehehe