Jennette McCurdy to co-host Natal Conference Sunday

It looks like Microsoft is already flexing their star power for their upcoming Project ‘Natal’ press conference featuring Cirque De Soleil with Jennette McCurdy best known for playing the role of Sam Puckett on Nickelodeon show iCarly.

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sinncross3050d ago

This is honestly the first time I've ever heard this girls name...

I guess they're going for the family angle with Natal

Conloles3050d ago

Dont know her dont want to know her but id bang her

WildArmed3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

“I’m really excited to be co-hosting the Project Natal Xbox event Sunday featuring a Cirque De Soleil performance. E3! Woohoo!”
Lol I bet she didn't even know what E3 was before her Agent told her -.-

It's no surprise MS is the most powerful company out of the big three.
They always have something going on.

Looking forward to their E3 conference.. monday right? :D

TheLeprachaun3050d ago

She's only 17 for 2 more weeks, om nom nom.

siyrobbo3050d ago

she's still 17, where i come from she's been legal for over a year

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Elwenil3050d ago

I'm not bashing MS or anything but honestly, who comes up with this stuff? What do any of these "celebrities" have to do with gaming? I fully understand that MS is trying to take a grab at the Wii's market with some aspects of Natal, but most of the Wii owners I know are over 40. Maybe that's just in my area but it seems a lot of older people are into it. I know "star power" has a certain impact but to me it seems a bit illogical to use "stars", and I use the term loosely, that have little to nothing to do with gaming. Again, I'm not saying anything bad about MS or Natal or anything, I just know I can't relate to this sort of marketing and I wonder if this is the right path to take with this. It seems to me this sort of labels Natal to be for a certain audience and it may alienate the hard core crowd. I honestly don't know what hard core applications Natal could have but I know someone wanting to have more freedom with their controls in hard core games is probably not going to be very impressed with this. I can't help but wonder if this sort of "kiddie" endorsement won't define the product from here on out and completely ruin it for the hard core crowd if they ever would show an interest in it.

candystop3050d ago

Yeah it's a strange strategy but then again after looking back at past E3's I think having celebs might be a good thing. When people from other country's get on stage especially during Sony and Nintendo's conferences I always have a hard time understanding what they're saying.

Elwenil3050d ago

True but at least when the company guys get up there they usually know what they are talking about. Pop culture spokespeople are nothing new, but this just seems sort of odd to me. Like a cheap ploy to get me to buy something like chicks in bikinis in beer commercials. I buy beer because I like the taste and I buy game consoles because I like games, not because some talking head told me to. The use of these preteen stars just seems like a bad attempt to get a bunch of kids to scream at their parents that they want this product. I'll withhold final judgment until after E3 to see what games they show off but if it's the same old stuff they have been showing with a lot of this preteen star power trying to pry your wallet out of your pocket, I think I'll be pretty damn disgusted.

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RageAgainstTheMShine3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Like is said before ...
Microsoft will pay more celebrities to endorse their product


they will pay their own selves to make their own games!

M$ knows by itself that it can not make its own good games internally

so they leverage celebrities instead of games to sell their old console.

IdleLeeSiuLung3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

"What's next - a pink "Hannah Montana" Natal bundle?

Oops, can't do that - someone else already came up with that idea. " -dk


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Jaces3050d ago

I honestly think it's dumb to get "celebs" to market a product, especially when it comes to video games. They don't know jack shi*t about it (unless they're truly a gamer at heart), they're just showing up for the money, it's a bit of a low tactic IMO.

"Hey! Tom Cruise said it was awesome so I've got to get it!"


BeaRye3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

WHO!?!? Also, why is she eating a remote in that pic? Does she do something with electronics?

cyborg69713050d ago

She's from icarly. My kids want to watch it all the time on nick but I refuse to give into crap television.

brew3050d ago

Drake and Josh will win you over!

Shang-Long3050d ago

kenen and kel > drake and josh

fryday3050d ago

So the preE3 going to be on TV?

jack_burt0n3050d ago

no its got a NDA banning any kind of blog broadcast, it has to be edited then it is being broadcast the same time as the sony conference only on MSTV.

The Dark Knight3050d ago

MS: MAYBE WE SHOULD GET JENNETTE McCURDY TO CO HOST!! *office erupts, all employee's think there top sh*t*

Gaming community: *cricket noises*

King Hippo3050d ago

Considering playing games with Natal is the equivalent of "random dancing".

Brewski0073050d ago

I agree... who is this? Great "starpower muscles" you got there microsoft....not!.

karlowma3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Never heard of her. iCarly? Sounds like she's more suited to Apple.

Wondering if this isn't further proof of Natal's intended audience: Seven year old kids and their stay-at-home moms.

kaos_fish II3050d ago

Take it any of you have kids.. go look up iCarly.

So, this is the direction MS is going with Natal - the young casual crowd..

Mr_Bun3050d ago

If this doesn't confirm the children/teenybopper girl audience, I don't know what does. If you had high hopes for natal being anything relevant, may they rest in peace

FragMnTagM3050d ago

that Natal's main audience will be teenie boppers, but it will have appeal to regular gamers as well. Look at the Nintendo DS. Which crowd would you say it is more marketed towards (especially with the mountains of teenie bopper shovelware)? But we all know there are plenty of grown men (hardcore gamers) that have. Why? Because there are games for them also on it. I think it will be much the same with the Natal.

Christopher3050d ago

This is reminding me of that one Disney conference with the High School Musical cheerleaders now...

And, yeah, I had to look up the person specified. Looks like Microsoft isn't going for the hardcore gamers but the moms and tweens of the world.

Biggest3050d ago

My son knows her. She's the ugly, tough tomboy on her show. Well, that does it for the hardcore hopes with Natal. Go watch iCarly and learn what's about to happen. El oh el, people.

Redempteur3050d ago

i don't know who she is either ... but from the comments i guess we all agree that the fate of this presentation is SET in stone in a effective but weird way

RageAgainstTheMShine3050d ago

Microsoft will pay more celebrities to endorse their product


they will pay their own selves to make their own games!

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Optical_Matrix3050d ago


HolyOrangeCows3050d ago

Well said.

I hear Barney the Dinosaur will be co-hosting as well.

Focker4203050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Are you serious?!!!! This is a joke right?! I read the title and it was like 'Who?' then i read Nickelodeon and now I can't stop laughing.

Shes not a celebrity. Are they expecting 10 year old girls to watch E3 and then beg their parents to get Natal because this soon to be whore says so?!

This is probably one of the saddest things I've ever seen to come from MS.

The Dark Knight3050d ago

oh yeah cause we all know her.

Pennywise3050d ago

L M A O. This is their target demographic guys. Don't kid yourself.

Blaze9293050d ago

I gotta admit - that is just fucking lame. Not stupid because this helps to exactly do what they need done which is increase product awareness for that age group. First Beirber with his like 3 million twitter followers and now her fans. It's working I guess but it is going to be extremely lame watching this.

Biggest3050d ago

This is where being a fanboy is detrimental. It may be smart for Microsoft. It may work for Nintendo. But what about you, the consumer, that cares about video games enough to be here posting? It's cool to make fun of each other for random nothing about our consoles. But it isn't cool to defend such crap. As much as iCarly makes my son and daughter laugh, it has no reason to be near my video games. Check the list of DS and PSP titles with Nickelodeon in them. Turr-ble.