MS: We'll top Natal announcement at E3

Microsoft has said its imminent announcements at E3 2010 will better its Natal reveal at last year's expo.

In an emailer sent out to members, Microsoft said: "E3 is the world's largest gaming show, and the place where we make the BIG announcements about what's coming up on Xbox. With the massive Project Natal announcement at last year's event, you'd think we'd find it hard to top that. Well, think again.

"This year at E3 we've got even BIGGER announcements to share with you."

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GreenRingOfLife3054d ago

I always get AMAZED at the new surprises Microsoft makes...

aceitman3054d ago

with ms losing its sales to sony its time for xbox 720

Iamback3054d ago

Well SLIM version would be bigger deal then Natal.

NecrumSlavery3054d ago

Is it a 25 minute Rock Band Beatles 2 presentation?

Veneno3054d ago

Does anyone believe anything microsoft says anymore?

Wrathman3054d ago Show
captain-obvious3054d ago

this is just PR hype
lets see what they got in 4 days

Diamondwolf3054d ago

Sonygayguys? Now that's funny!.........Not because of what you said, but the fact that you probably actually feel so much hatred for the "sonygayguys" lol.

MS is good at getting a lot of celebrity fluff, and with the casual approach, I expect Justin Beiber, Soulja Boy, Miley Cyrus, Felicia Day (again) and various other pop culture celebs to be at E3. Possibly even Michael Jordan to show up for a presentation on 2K11.

Not necessarily a bad thing, because it's marketing at it's finest, which right now, Microsoft is untouchable.

You heard it here first, big announcement is gaming on Microsoft Surface!!!! (wait, that'd actually be pretty neat!)

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jxzcvk3054d ago

wooohoooo!!!! justin beaver!!!! cant wait!!!!!

Vo_Cal3054d ago

We are dayz away folks! Let the wars commense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

Pennywise3054d ago

Lets just say they already secured a port of FFVS... After the FXIII fiasco, will that really top Natal? Will anyone really care?

I admit FXIII when announced was a good blow to the Sony camp, but after finding out SE didn't try to make them equal and the game overall was bad... I don't think that announcement is exciting.

Thats the only obvious thing I can think of... What else could they make multiplat?

bobdog6263054d ago

The Zune needs to interface with the 360 so it can play xbox Live games

IdleLeeSiuLung3054d ago

All the haters can congregate on Sony's E3 show. I will be there too!

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Omega43054d ago

MS ALWAYS has the most talked about announcements from E3 and this year looks to be no difference. Considering how big they see Natal I can't being to imagine what they think could top it.

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Cold 20003054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

OMG microsft know how to keep a secret and just drop a nuclear bomb on the world.

Bring it on MS...BRING IT ON!!!! :D

@maximus prime below: Yeah they delivered but it would KILL sony fanboys to admit they had a good show. They are so stuck up in your fantasy world where everything MS HAS to suck no matter how good it was:
Last year's show:

-Splinter Cell Conviction, first footage: the new direction surprised everyone and was impressive.
-Forza 3, first foootage.
-L4D2 surprise announcement
-Crackdown 2 announcement
-Alan Wake, first footage
-Shadow Complex announcement
-MGS Rising announcement. Caught everyone offgaurd.
-New featyres for Live
-And they finished off with Natal that got the media in a buzz.

Keep pretending they didnt deliver, they'll just keep rolling on while you are pissed at the world because the 360 is actually a great console :)

APOFISBORICUA3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Its just a GOOD and FAULTY console with great multiplatform games. The only exclusive worth looking at is just Gears and thats why I like the console. LIVE is great to but overrated and overhyped...oh and overpriced.

Anyways expect MS anouncements to catch more than one offbase. They have been doing that the past few years, they anounce the unexpected and that is just good to see. I will keep my opinion that their BIG E3 anouncement could be KINGDOM HEARTS for the 360, limited exclusivity or completely exclusive... (you know the same way the DS and PSP share KH).

I preffer SONY's console but when it comes to E3, nobody likes to surprised us better than MS. Also all the leaks and anouncements from SONY as impressive as they are ( come on they at least are exclusives games) would not make such an impact anymore on E3.



edgeofblade3054d ago

Oh please. Kingdom Hearts on 360 would be an utter bomb. Not "tha' bomb", but a bomb. The world has already spoken on how completely they reject cutesy JRPGs on the FPS-box.

But mostly, I don't want my wife tying up my 360...

Boy30003054d ago

I just cant wait...E3 is going to be...HUGE!!!!

MaximusPrime3054d ago

yea. i remembered last year.

did MS delivered? you tell me.

cpt_kaos3054d ago

not really unless your a Beatles fan. ;)

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dangert123054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

doubt it
would like to see a host of new exclusive ip's
and more value added to the live service
playstion plus and the core games microsoft show off
that are not 3rd party or timed exclusives will decide if i keep the 360 oh and how much they stick in the gold membership regarding value

green ring off death left his comment 2minz ago already 2 disagree's he is well hated here i luv the guy the so funny

ironic you bring up the potentail next xbox
like the ps4 wearnt the talk of the town recently until sony confirmed as fake lol

DelbertGrady3054d ago

It's a Natal related article. What did you expect? Soon you will see the usual flood of comments saying it's nothing but an Eye-toy, and bubbles disappearing from anyone who's remotely excited about it.

Chug3054d ago

Weren't you just in this article spewing nonsense about how Move is just a copy of of the Wii and how PS3 is in last place?

Bla, bla, bla. Quit being such an emotional hypocrite.

k-Lan3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Move IS a copy and Sony IS in last place. What's your point?

Chug3054d ago

Even if your comprehension skills weren't lacking, I wouldn't expect you to understand as you probably have the same intent here on N4G as Soda.

KionicWarlord2223054d ago says announcements .

Thats interesting .

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