Jack Tretton: 3D 'Critical for PS3 Owners'

SPOnG reports that, speaking at a recent event to launch Sony's 3D TV range, SCEA president Jack Tretton impressed the crowd with statements and slides stating that not only are PS3 owners "voracious technophiles" but that "3D is critical to PS3 owners".

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dangert123143d ago

well im not getting 3d any time soon so you may need to rethink it theres a reason your losing/lost money per sale and the ps3 never sold well at first 'price' not every one has money to through around at exspensive sony products even if they are worth it. seriously i'd love a 3d tv for this gen but hey i can't offard it

wiggles3143d ago


My household's TVs aren't all in full HD; only two of them are...there is no way I am just going to upgrade to a 3Dtv.

I hope Jack doesn't label every PS3 owner as an early adapter otherwise I would worry about Sony putting all of their eggs in new technology and not spacing it out properly...(I'm looking at you PSP GO!)

CrazzyMan3143d ago

There will be A LOT of 3D games and at more available price 3D TVs, then we can speak.
Right now it`s some sort of future technology, like blu-ray was 3 years ago.

deafwing3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

... can say whatever the hell he wants. My wallet speaks a different language and right now it's saying

"you just bought a 1080p monitor slow your roll partner"

As long as games/movies have the option to play in 2D then I'm good. This tech has a ways to go still.

Blaze9293143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I just think they are launching this at the wrong time. Either people just got HDTVs or are still on SDTVs. Dunno if you live in the US but if you remember the DTV switch by the government, stats showed many still have SDTVs connected with antennae. So with HDTVs becoming cheaper, that will be the option most go for and people just don't go buying TVs all willy-nilly; it will last most at least another 5-7 years.

@deafwing's comment supports what I say 100%. Even @Anarki's below.

I think they should've released this when the tech could be better priced as when HDTVs are the norm in majority of people's home - not when people just upgraded/are still upgrading to HDTV for a MUCH lower price point.

Then there's the issue of specs. Why spend $3000+ for a TV that SHOULD be better than something you can get for $2000 and under? Makes no sense.

Who knows how long it will take but it definitely will NOT be two years.

deafwing3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

yea man, I mean I get what he's saying in his presentation ... gamers are a unique crowd and we go out of our way to get high end tech to make our gaming experiences better. The powers that be built our boxes around movies as well ... so everything he says is legit.

At the same time though, not everyone can keep upgrading units willy-nilly. I would be more interested in 3D (gaming/movies) when it becomes possible to view it without glasses and it's cheaper.

Check this out ->

keysy4203142d ago

I got a go and I love it and ill be an early adopter because unlike all the fanboys who I just bought a tv well thst your fault you knew it was coming and if you bought a tv recently it wasn't top of the line u less you a complete dumb ass. Why spend money on a 240 htz for 1700 when you could buy a 240htz 3d that is optiona. Plus you guys are crazy to say you won't buy when I saw shrek this weekend me my daughter and wife with a 45 dollar entrance fee 500 not I ncludin g snacks and I go to more than ten movies a yr so all you saying I won't please when that t.v hit 1500 well see then

Krugsy3142d ago

I get what you guys are saying, and I agree with the fact that most people don't have the money. BUT, I dont see why they should hold the tech back when they have the ability to release it. If they have the technology, release it, why wait? I'm sure the people creating these products understand full well that sales are not gonna be huge at first. They ain't releasing with the belief that its going to be immediate adoption. Plus, the price can only drop after a product has been released for a period of time, it doesn't drop when the technology sits in the warehouse.

Also, in regards to the 3DTV without glasses, there are problems with this tech also. Most of these sets require the viewer to be sitting in certain positions (straight ahead) and at a certain distance. So both sets have disadvantages. Thats why the DS3D can run without glasses, its a small screen straight in front of you...usually at a particular distance.

R6ex3142d ago

Yeah, the cheapest way to go 3D is via Nintendo's 3DS. I'm buying (unless Sony "PSP 3D" comes out)!

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Brewski0073143d ago

Yeah most of the world are budgeting at the minute and only begining to come out of the *cough* global economic crisis /*cough* . I can't even begin to imagine getting myself a 3DTV, but these things launch at such heavy prices. In six months to a year down the line they'll be much more affordable. Maybe then I will consider. But for me its not essential.

deafwing3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

...Tretton/Trenton (whatever) a link to this page so he can see our replies.

cyborg69713143d ago

3d will be huge as soon as the price of the tv's drop and the mainstrem begins to upgrade to it. As for now the gadget geeks with a disposible income will go all out for it. I'd give it 3 to 5 years for it to get it's stride.

Anarki3143d ago


Daver3142d ago

good for you...

People are always against new technology because they cant afford it right now. It's ok if you cant buy one but dont say it sucks and all because you cant enjoy it.
3D will penetrate the market like every new things did before little by little.
Anyway, 3D tvs are almost the same price as a good HDTV and I'm sure all TVs will support 3D in few years.

wiggles3143d ago

Yes, it's true that the price point will come down.

However, I still know a majority of people who still don't have blu-ray.

I can say that I make about an average income but I don't see myself upgrading to a 3DTV within the next two years. Maybe 5 years but that could be only because my living conditions change and I have room for a bigger 3Dtv.

I am worried that Sony is putting a lot of money into the idea that everyone will upgrade to 3Dtv and then the company will be in trouble because after the early adapters get in, Sony will be surprised that the middle group isn't biting.

Krugsy3142d ago

I could be naive, but I believe that the companies (not just Sony) investing money into these technologies are smart enough to be having at least a 5 year plan for these products. Its a massive investment, and market research would have been conducted. And I dont think they are expecting 3DTV's to go as popular as HDTV's. Its always going to be a niche market.

WildArmed3142d ago


I'm still drooling over the 1080p experience. I dont need the 3D experience just yet.. and quite frankly not ready for it (financially).
I played my HD consoles on a SDTV for about 6 months myself. Then upgraded to a HDTV.

Now I can see myself getting a 3dtv eventually, but its well after 6 months.
the jump between HDTV and 3DTV doesn't look much different.. the games will still look great.. and I'll love my consoles either way.

But in two-three years, I'll be ready to get back on the bandwagon for this new experience.

Christopher3142d ago

I don't plan on investing in a new TV anytime soon. I'm extremely happy with my 52" XBR9 TV and have better things I can spend a few thousand dollars on, like house remodeling or a new car (still driving our 2002 Hyundai Sante Fe and really hate SUVs).

vhero3142d ago

Sony are really pushing 3D and not just for gaming they are advertising on massive scale and I don't mean the kind of advertising MS use for games they go way beyond that. They are advertising everywhere right now including the world cup. Its not just PS3 they want 3D to work with the want 3D in general to work like with blu-ray and with the amount of money they are putting behind it I can't see it failing. As for it taking over games.. It will never take over until games become fully immersive but for now it will be a great addon.

FragMnTagM3142d ago

Get a second job to get your 3d tv and 3d glasses just like you did with the

On topic though. I will get it when I can afford it. That is if it adds anything to the immersion factor. If it is a gimmick though, I will pass.

WildArmed3142d ago

lol. If i did, i rather put it to better use than buy a 3DTV.

Contrary to most belief, people have other expenditures other than gaming

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unrealgamer583143d ago

as long as i can play AAA games then i'm good

Lykon3143d ago

Yup I had to save up for ages to get a relatively cheap 42" plasma 720p , a massive upgrade from standard tv and well worth it, I won't be jumping on the 3d bandwagon anytime soon unless i win the lottery :)

The BS Police3143d ago

3D isn't even critical for gaming.

Mcardle3143d ago

not for me, im not buying a new tv anytime soon, even if i did enjoy avatars 3d effects.

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