TheSixthAxis: Is Motion Tech Moving You?

Microsoft and Sony are set to unleash torrents of information regarding their motion controllers next week during E3, but is anyone wanting it?

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WildArmed3756d ago


The only reason I'd think of buying a motion tech is to get use of my dust-gather PSeye.

I bought it 3 years ago, and quite frankly it's barely been used.
I may dip in some money into the move controllers to get something out of it.
But it's a big IF at this point.

Sony better show me something good, otherwise I'll just have to sell my PSeye to someone who can appreciate it ^^

movements3756d ago

Never had never will. Motion tech is embarrassing.

Jaces3756d ago

Show me some games I care about, if it ends up shovelware like the wii then count me da f*ck out. Same goes for Natal..

raztad3756d ago

After learning how precise and responsive MOVe can be I would say I'm interested. just give me the right games. Socom 4 is a good start.

Christopher3756d ago

Not yet. It could for certain games, but overall it just doesn't seem to be my cup-o-tea.


ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Nope !

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Delta3756d ago

I don't care about motion controlling. Natal, Move, and Wii can all go flop bricks for all I care.

B-Real2063756d ago

Possibly I can better answer that question after E3.

Edward-Kraken3756d ago

The only thing I'm very interested to see regarding Move is that first person horror game. Cannot wait for some E3 footage. :)

tablav3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

I forgot that there even was any kind of motion control in the PS3 controller. Think that really goes to show how little people care about it (though it could just be me).

Move seems exciting, but I think it will definitely go the same way as Sixaxis, just being a gimmick that you get tired of fairly quickly. Although, Rub a Dub on PSN was a laugh.


Scratch that. Heavy Rain made pretty good use of it. Move support like that for real games would be nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.