PS3 'a success' as lead platform - Mikami

CVG: Leading on PS3 for Vanquish was right decision, says Resi man

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ActionBastard3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Of course it was the right decision. The voice cast, however, is suspect. That trailer had some shitty (but hilarious) dialog.

lociefer3144d ago

its also a success as an exclusive platform :P think about it

Wrathman3144d ago Show
HolyOrangeCows3144d ago

"it's the spiritual successor to Resident Evil 4, Mikami's Vanquish is very promising indeed"


How is Vanquish a spiritual successor to RE4? The gameplay trailer looks nothing like RE4!

Sunny_D3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Conloles, you should stop acting like a PC elitist and just come out and tell everyone, you are in fact a 360 fanboy. You make real PC fans like Pandamobile or solar look bad.

@Mooey, who knows perhaps they pull a Kojima on us?

@Wrathman: So your saying Burnout Paradise, Dead Space, and others where PS3 is better is not worthy?

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vhero3144d ago

Game looks interesting but I am still to be impressed.

Cold 20003144d ago

Cool that means both consoles get an identical version contrarily to when 360 is the lead platform.

CrazzyMan3144d ago

Anyway, can you name several games, where PS3 was lead platform and x360 version was identical to PS3? =)

Because, so far, all games on which platform they were primary developed, run better, than on ported platform, and that doesn`t matter, which platfrom was lead.

Serg3144d ago


Burnout: Paradise
Mirror's Edge
Devil May Cry 4
Dead Space (AFAIK)

Here you go.

raztad3144d ago

Putting aside the biggest offenders Bayonetta and RDR I would say PS3 multiplat games are up to par nowadays.

Third party devels are starting to use the SPUs to some extent (read Blur developer interview in Eurogamer), and it's a matter of time they learn the new techs being used by Sony studios.

Regarding Vanquish, I like Platinum is humble enough no to say they are pushing the PS3 to its limit. Good they feel they are doing great. I guess those guys were totally scared by the PS3 arch. With more confidence and know-how things only will get better.

jack_burt0n3144d ago

Shame it wont make use of spu, bluray, hardrive tho

Shaman3144d ago

Of course it will.Where did you get that from?Spus are heavily used since 2008 even in multiplatform games.You can take a look at latest interviews with Digital Foundry on what they are used for.Split Second devs used it for deferred rendering,triangle culling and post processing.The thing is that you have to use them the right way but to get more performance like Sonys 1st party but they are indeed used.How would ps3 handle games with just RSX and one crappy 360 like ppu with bad vector unit?It could not.

pixelsword3144d ago

"How would ps3 handle games with just RSX and one crappy 360 like ppu with bad vector unit?"

Are you slamming the 360?

Shaman3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

If thats slamming than yes.Fact is,IBM cpus as far as desktop cpus go are no where near of that Intels and Sony and MS went for best and cheapest solutions they could get and that ppu in ps3 and 360 is quite bad on its own.In 360 that situation is handled by adding better vector unit(VMX128) and better cache control and on ps3 its handled the way that ppu gives jobs to spus but without spus ps3 could hardly run general code for normal games.They could never cram in physics,a.i,sound...on one ppu and that spus are just sitting idle,RSX could never be able to render games like RE5 and RDR on its own with one ppu for general code.Its just a general "attitude" that dates since 2006 that spus are not used.Then it was not really problem but now you cant live without spus doing traingle culling for RSX to take the workload of vertics or doing post processing.Take for example GTA IV,its INCREDIBLY technically demanding game,with hundreds of light sources in scenes,with dynamic day/night cycles,some awesome physics,particle effects,dynamic lightning and with all that its open world game.It would NEVER be possible to do that solely on ppu and RSX,forget about it.

I mean,think for yourself.IF todays games dont use spus then 360 is very limited by ps3 cus in that way ps3 with one ppu and RSX AND bit less memory heavily limits 360 3 core cpu with considerably better gpu,with more memory and eDRAM.Of course thats not the case but you get the point,EVERY game uses spus.Does it use efficiently enough?Rarely but they use it.


8 threads in ps3 is not the same as 6 threads in 360.In ps3 its much easier to take full advantage of 8 threads then in 360 cus in 360 every ppu has 2 threads so you will lose efficiency on that part.Ps3 should not really be looked at 8 threads,rather one ppu and 6 spus.Write good engine where ppu gives spus jobs and make it parallelized and forget about threads.Just make sure spus get the data fast enough with no bottlenecks and you dealt with that.On 360 it would be harder but better to do similar to what Sony 1st party does.Make small chunks of data that run parallel and forget about old ways,one thread=a.i,second=sound processing...Thats old way where you lose alot of efficiency but its easier...

jack_burt0n3144d ago


LOL big difference between post processing and being a fundamental and integral part of the games engine using 8 threads.

Added to that you cant even make use of the gig shadow cache on the ps3 because of the 360 being hard drive less.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3144d ago

Oblivion was an open-world game with pretty advanced graphics and the PS3 version ran on just the PPU and RSX.

DigitalAnalog3144d ago

Agree with the blu-ray aspect (applies to all games). But this is Shinji Mikami we're talking here king of survival horror gaming right there. Don't doubt him for a second!

-End statement

yewles13144d ago

"If thats slamming than yes.Fact is,IBM cpus as far as desktop cpus go are no where near of that Intels and Sony and MS went for best and cheapest solutions--"

*spits out coke*

Seriously, just stick to talking about x86 solutions exclusively... PLEASE, for our sake.

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rezzah3144d ago

Wrathman and conloles both have one star because they basterdize anything they dont agree with. Anything that is Sony of course so thats why their opinions dont really matter. Also its the reason why you see so many disagrees and very little bubbles all the time. Have fun getting you point out there guys >.>

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notmushroom3144d ago

Yes, please DO take note Rockstar.

madkrazygames3144d ago

It's not just R*, it's tons of other developers that choose the 360 as lead platform and then try to port the title over to the PS3. The outcome is always negative, but hopefully these companies will figure it out, before this generation is done, because I'm getting sick of their stupidity.

Crusade3144d ago

They won't. We'll all enjoy their continued trend of making PS3 owners aim/shoot with L2/R2. :( Except for Agent of course.

presto7173144d ago

I got the custom triggers so it feels really really good.

I'm looking at you Red Dead

bunfighterii3144d ago

I don't find L2 and R2 bad to use as shooting buttons

djfullshred3144d ago

I can go either way L1/R1 or L2/R2 without any problem. When you play a lot of games, you have to be flexible to different button layouts. That is one the fun of playing video games IMO - mastering each game's particular control schemes.

3sq3144d ago

We got approximately 8 hours to stop that from happening! We will stop that from happening!

Downtown boogey3144d ago

And it's the first thing everyone heard in this game...

Greek God3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

the gameplay is very fastpaced i like that : D

darkdoom30003144d ago

Intresting. looks like bayonetta 2 wont be crappy on ps3 :)

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