Crazy Taxi Screenshots

First three screenshots for Crazy Taxi, coming to PSN and XBLA.

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kevin360uk3103d ago

Random choices of games to update Sega! If you've not played either Sonic Adventure or Crazy Taxi where have you been ! I certainly won't be buying into these classic Dreamcast HD versions.

Yi-Long3103d ago

Yeah, there are other DC (and Saturn) classics I would prefer to get a HD remake or sequel, but if they release these games (Sonic and Crazy Taxi) for a decent price, I'll probably pick them up...

Would love a truly next-gen Crazy Taxi though, set in a gorgeous sunny asian city like Tokyo, Kyoto, Singapore or Hong Kong, and bright colourful graphics and fun characters and wacky passengers. :)

jay23103d ago

Yeah bring us Crazy taxi Next gen!
I'll buy these two games straight away.

ReBurn3103d ago

I will be buying Crazy Taxi. It was probably my favorite Dreamcast game, honestly. I'm right there if they decide to bring Jet Grind Radio to the table, too.

A great game is timeless, in my opinion.

Robearboy3103d ago

I wonder how long before we get console comparison screen shots ;)

jay23103d ago

DIY if you feel you want to.

Arnon3103d ago

Oh my god I love this... I really hope more DC games come.

BeerBro3103d ago

will they be also adding trophies/achievements?

jay23103d ago

Yes, it's been confirmed for both games that trophies/achievements have been added.

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The story is too old to be commented.