New Natal Footage

AU Pre Review of Project Natal

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ActionBastard3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Guess what "game" they show?

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dangert123050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

intersting i must admited it does look alright like reactions etc i know there lag but it did't look to bad don't screw natal unjustly about it we still have some pretty disgustin lag with pads these days
what worries me is there only showing ricohet like when nintendo showed us wii sports they showed us a few games there is noway this can be a full game =/

@king david
what i mean is.
ricochet can't be the only game on the disc what microsoft are doing makes it look that way


its no more embarrasing then breaking the controller over on screen ranks and animations or abusing the next guy over live or psn

kingdavid3050d ago

Ricochet is the only game MS is showing with the previews of natal. At least 10 games will be announced at e3.

KingME3050d ago

That was well demoed by Stuart.

mrv3213050d ago

A game which shows Natal working with shooter and other genres... no. Just A ball game.

I know I know Microsoft holding stuff back for E3. But come on 1 demo of a FPS no matter how bad could silence a lot of haters... you know Just like what Sony did LAST E3.

Montrealien3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

To be fair Action Bastard and others knocking the current Ricochet demo, he clearly stated that they are showing other games, but Ricochet is the only one they are allowed to show.

Interesting quotes.

"I saw some stuff that was a lot more fun"

"I did notice some slight lag at certain points"

karl3050d ago

why they call it NEW footage

when its always the old same crap

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LTC3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

LOL I bet he is regretting saying that.

Omega43050d ago

More people enjoying Natal even if they think they look stupid. Fun is what made the Wii successful and the same should happen with Natal.

Still can't believe how hot Natal gameplay gets on this site despite all the hate, when MS E3 started this site is gonna have some serious crashes lol


Yeah that's why none of my friends and cousins who own a Wii play it anymore, I wonder what happened to all that fun?

corneliuscrust3050d ago

All of your friends and cousins?!

That's pretty much everyone in the world! You must be on track with that one.

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siyrobbo3050d ago

what interests me the most is how close he is stood to the natal unit, he's right up close to it. Puts my mind at rest a little about needing vast amounts of room for it


He was right next to it? are you blind?! he's standing about 3 coffee tables & a foot away from the screen.

wicked3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

He says it will work from 1.5 to 3m away from the system.

FragMnTagM3050d ago

So, 1.5 meters is roughly 5 feet away.

skimming3050d ago

The field of view (FOV) of the screen actually shifts as the player is moving. When the player is moving left-right, the screen is moving left-right, when the player's head is moving up-down, the screen is also.

This shows advanced stages of head tracking/FOV shift which should theoretically provide a highly immersive environment. This is like the video ala Johnny Lee

I'm very excited!

skimming3050d ago

Natal + large screen plasma + high level gaming dev should result in an experience a lot more immersive than this:

bnaked3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Natal needs 10% of the 360's Power..

Mc Fadge3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Natal's unique feature is the Z tracking camera, and if a developer really wanted to, they could provide head tracking with the Live Vision camera. Head tracking is all a matter of software.

Xeoset3050d ago

Wrong, they put the microprocessors back in. Besides, that claim that it would need ~10%+ of the 360's power is bull.

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