Death of the hardcore - are Publishers shifting focus?

Are publishers shifting focus to more casual gaming markets with Move and Natal looming on the horizon?

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Titanz3079d ago

A double edged blade(Core games;Good, Casual influence; Bad).

dangert123079d ago

they are killing hardcore, but i think a couple studio's will notice that and stay hardcore
though core players are the minority theres still a heap you can make from them and if everyone des open up to casuals theres nothing like having a market to yourself ask nintendo

chak_3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I hope not, otherwise I'm done gaming.

I can't stand crappy movement based gameplay, or watered down games.

As a PC gamer i'm lucky mods exists to enhance some games. And I do not think console gamers are dumbs (in the majority), I just think publisher thought they were dumb, and made game easier.

I mean I'm playing PC games since i'm 15, I had no problems whatsoever with hardcore games. I enjoyed flashpoint A LOT at this age, even if it was over-hardcore.

Publishers, stop considering gamers as no-brainers, and more like people able to understand some 'harder' gameplay will you?

dangert123079d ago

i agree with you we was all casual at one time we did't have no easy games to get into but we got into them know hardly anything is that challeging
cod on verteran is fun its like
'you will not survive but i've got a friend i absoulute rape on shooters who completed it'

SpoonyRedMage3079d ago

Umm the PC has more shovelware and more casual titles than any console....

SpoonyRedMage3079d ago

No, they're not shifting focus but people need to understand that game production is really expensive and they need to fund them with other projects.

The problem with shovelware isn't what the shovelware is about or who it's focused at, it is that the shovelware is badly produced.

Ironfungus3078d ago

Easy "casual" games make MUCH more money, while taking little to no skill to actually play. Yes, there is a shift which has been already happening.