Square Enix Announces Two New Titles

Ripten reports on two new titles announced by Square Enix for E3 2010, as well as the announcement trailers.

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FrankDaTank3053d ago

id buy square enix bread if they made it.

Drjft3053d ago

Hahhaha I literally laughed at this comment. Win.

Cerberus21253053d ago

As funny as it is,because of people like this we get a lot of crap games no innovation and the likes,FF13 sold so well that the company thinks that it was a great game when is not,if is not broken why fix it.

twiceariot3053d ago

Yay for more Space Invaders

Drjft3053d ago

Will be interesting to see how the new one plays out though! Looks kind of trippy and reminds me of another retro game similar to it, I just can't remember the title.

Delta3053d ago

I bet you would. (laughs, Then walks away)

Nostradavis3053d ago

why don't you walk away first and then laugh?

Drjft3053d ago

He's changing things up. Going for variety.

greeneggsnsam3053d ago

Necromachina, n.
The act of sexual intercourse with a deceased robot.

thePatriot3053d ago

Im probably make something like it with LBP 2
and you can expect space invaders levels all over the place too

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