Why Natal And Move Change Nothing

"Bringing new consumers in and breaking down the barriers to accessibility". Not our words, you understand, but those of EA Sports President Peter Moore, talking about the possibilities for Project Natal and PlayStation Move. And he's right.

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dangert123050d ago

only an idiot will believe they will change nothing
this generation has pushed what i thought us forward in tech(ano flying cars etc) the only reason al this hi tec is coming out is cause of the boundries consoles are pushings...still we don't have flying cars :(

hamoor3050d ago

Yeah because both aren't new to us
Natal is an improved eye-toy and Sony move as an improved wiimote
Though I prefer move to natal but you can't replace the good old controller (:

D4RkNIKON3050d ago

i agree, that is why I like when games give you the option. I bet GT5 will have some sort of wii wheel accessory for the Move controller to turn it into a wheel that is held in the hands instead of mounted on the table. People love to downplay move on GT5 but I loved Mario Kart wii but I imagine the controls will be similar. I doubt you will point the Move controller at the screen when playing.

NecrumSlavery3050d ago

GT5 really doesn't need move. I would rather have the good old Steering Wheel. The force feed back is better IMO. The Move makes the drive floaty. Like the difference between COD & Killzone 2.

MoVe is awesome, but for GT5, I'm exited for the 3D. But oh Boy me on KZ3 with mOvE? Hell yeah on that!

UnwanteDreamz3050d ago

Who knows. I'm getting 2 for my living room console where the kids and wife play. I'll sneak it onto my PS3 to check it out but I wont be putting my DS3 down anytime soon.

cliffbo3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

nobody is asking you to put your DS3 down, it is an option if you like it for some games then use it if not then don't use it.

NYPunk883050d ago

Well that totally depends on the devs and their creative juices, no? The potential is huge! All that lacks are good ideas. Good luck devs! XD

wiggles3050d ago

Damn what happened to your bubbles danger???

Anyway, yeah every sort of new technology will change something for better or worse, obviously the Wii's motion changed the game...and now if this motion trend sells money, then the big 3 will know that in addition to having graphics and hardcore gamer support, they also need to have some sort of device that can appeal to the casual gamer in order to obtain more of the market share.

Besides everyone secretly dreams about being totally immersed in a game, and feeling like you were actually there (Avatar)...Natal and Move brings our Arms/Body into the world...obviously this is an improvement.

dangert123050d ago

people on this site don't like the truth
to some i'm a 360 fanboy to some i'm a ps3 fanboy
don't know why they can't see i tell it like it is and enjoy good games regardless

D4RkNIKON3050d ago

Bubble for Bubble. I'll + you because I generally agree with your posts.

Boody-Bandit3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Come on dangert, you know the drill. It's us vs them! There is no middle ground. PICK A SIDE MAN! /s

I'll throw you a bubble.

On topic:
Articles like this are such a waste. How in the hell does anyone know how these new devices are going to play out for Sony and MS? They don't. Both Sony and MS put a lot of time, effort and most of all money, into these ventures so you can bet they are going to sell and be utilized to the best of their abilities. Both companies will make sure of that.

Personally I am an old school gamer and set in my ways. I don't see me using either of these devices mainstream but more than likely I will eventually purchase them. I have to see what they can do and how they will be implemented before making a purchase though. E3 should answers those questions in a couple days.

niceguywii603050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Dragging Natal into thoughts and concerns about Move is sort of weak due to not wanting to admit Move is just a weak clone no one will be paying any attention to yet not being able to leave Natal without bashing. You can feel the heat from media and fanboys growing more rabid by the hour.

fuckitimout3050d ago

traditional controler still my pic

ELite_Ghost3050d ago

won't change nothing to hardcore gamers...
BUT for casual gamers :O, that's a whole dif story

rob60213050d ago

Even for casuals, will it change much? Are we just going to see more eye-toy minigames, and wiimote game ports?

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