B4HD: Illustrated Guide to Retro Gaming

B4HD's Marc Frith writes: Stay close children, for today my pencil and I shall guide you through the mediocre Dreamcast beat-em-up, Zombie Revenge.

Despite hailing from those dark days between Guardian Heroes (The peak of the old guard. And if you disagree you are both bad and wrong) and Devil May Cry (Which swooped in and made the genre fun, interesting and relevant again) Zombie Revenge really shouldn’t be a bad game at all. Adding zombies to Streets of Rage/Final Fight should be an instant recipe for genuine amazingness. But no, Sega clearly need some help with this. And while I may be a decade late, I am more than happy to offer this help in the form of a handy illustrated step-by-step guide.

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strybe3103d ago

The Steven Seagal inclusion!

xeroxeroxero3103d ago

... that Steven Seagal was my dad.