Motorstorm Apocalypse Director Praises PS3 Capabilities

"MotorStorm 3 has finally been unveiled under the official title ‘MotorStorm Apocalypse’. The game’s director has recently given his thoughts on how the PlayStation 3 is taking a big step forward with 3D and also praises how all the other attributes which Sony’s console can utilize will “blow games wide open”."

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jack_burt0n3054d ago

Damn head tracking would be incredible in motorstorm.

piroh3054d ago

i don't have time to see around in that chaos

Conloles3054d ago

Gimmicky VR lol wut, just cos consoles havent come up with it yet helps in games like Arma Ill just wait till the next console comes up with it then it'll be 'revolutionary' as usual.

piroh3054d ago

people, please, don't irritate him

voice_of_ reason3054d ago

Ah Conloles, you make me laugh every time I read one of your posts. You always talk like you're aristocracy or something... talking down to us "console peasants"!

Lucky for everyone here, you can only comment once!

Bobbykotickrulesz3054d ago


Perfect way to continue the series. Insanity, gentlemen. Pure insanity.

vhero3054d ago

First one of the three I am actually gonna buy.

yess3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Someday we will have bullet holes in the walls behind us, and the neighbor will complain about carparts scattered around in his bedroom..

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ncadika3054d ago

Can't wait for this game!!!

Dragunov3054d ago

No tank for you, there is 14 classes and the biggest thing is the Big Rigs and Monster Trucks. The only thing that can be worse at the start line than a noob in a Monster Truck is a group of noobs with tanks shooting everyone else an blocking.

DigitalAnalog3054d ago

I really don't have a problem believing in that. Most of the PS3 bar-raising exclusives are all first-gen engines (with the exception of Uncharted 2). I now fear what happens with Killzone 3D or Uncharted 3(D?) would bring to the table. Nevermind GOWIII's engine and GT6!

-End statement

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