Who is the Sony Mascot?

3xg writes "With both the Microsoft and Nintendo offering the mascot that represents the system are pretty clear-cut. With PlayStation the character line-up is quite diverse, so there isn’t one stand out character that represents the system"

"Here’s our suggestions as to the character we feel could be the Sony mascot, feel free to vote below on which you think is the perfect match."

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LordMarius3055d ago

Really you put Madison Paige but no Kratos? lol wut?

piroh3055d ago

i know MGS 1 is on the Gamecube too, but Halo 1,2 with Master Chief is on the PC as well and he's Xbox mascot

siyrobbo3055d ago

metal gear solid 2 was on xbox

Bobbykotickrulesz3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Sony has like 10 different mascots.

The games are THAT good.


Nathan Drake
GT cars of some sort
Helghan soldiers
Cole from InFamous (Not so much as the others)
etc etc

InfectedDK3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Kratos (GoW III)
Snake (MGS4)
Nathan Drake (Uncharted 1-2)
Sackboy (LBP 1-2)
Cole McGrath (InFamous 1-2)
Helghan soldier (Killzone 2-3)
Nathan Hale (RFoM 1-3)

captain-obvious3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

that qustion should be re-made
"Who ARE the Sony MascotS?"


but to me its sackboy
because everyone loves him he is so cute you just cant hate him

GreenRingOfLife3055d ago

Maybe the main character from Haze?

CrazzyMan3055d ago

PlayStation works more like a TEAM, there is no particular leader.

But main Sony tittle is Gran Turismo.
For MS - Halo.
And for Nintendo - Super Mario.

MiloGarret3055d ago

Every good team needs a good leader, and OBVIOUSLY that leader should be Snake.

Sackboy - pffft
Kratos - too much of an individualist, in dire need of good leadership
Nathan Drake - a good soldier, but slightly unorganized, needs structure
Cole - a powerful ally no doubt, but struggles to find balance, Snake can guide him towards the right path
Nathan Hale - he's fucking dead, and I never liked him
GT Cars - they are pretty, but way too realistic, good leadership in videogames require unrealistic abilities

Snake - Years of military experience; expert in cqc/weapons/explosives; proven leader; is cool; has a presence that demands authority; intelligent.

RageAgainstTheMShine3055d ago

It has never been done before....

Oner3055d ago

Every gen Sony has a different "mascot" (official or unofficial), this gen I say it's Kevin Butler!

Christopher3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Sackboy, because you can dress him up to be all of the other mascots as well... well, except for maybe Madison...

I'm waiting for the first game to come out that has a completion bonus of unlocking a model of the character that's the sackboy equivalent of the protagonist. Imagine playing through GoW3 with a Kratos sackboy instead of the normal Kratos?

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3055d ago

Snake is the only one thats been around since PS1. But he's been on so many other platforms it's hard to call him Sony's mascot. Personally I think it's too late for Sony to get a mascot. This is what happens when all of your 1st party devs are BEASTY.

And hey... Why no mention of the guy who always gets squashed in the Motorstorm trailers. He's about as mascotty as the rest of em.

siyrobbo3054d ago

snakes been around since way before the ps1

RAZORLAND3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

he isn't a Sony property. So it is down to Kratos and Nathan Drake; and Kratos is definatley more distinguishable of the two, so Kratos it is....

Wait, this article didnt mention Kratos at all? ARTICLE FAIL!!

Lou-Cipher3055d ago

Put eyes and a mouth on the Gran Turismo logo and call it good. :)

xc7x3055d ago

it shouldn't be a character no more since GT is the top Playstation franchise now,have devs make a car a mascot,that's what i vote for.

Why o why3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

truth is theres too many to choose from. enough to make a smash brothers clone almost

andron3055d ago

Sony doesn't need One mascot. They have so many diverse and successful franchises. Sackboy, Kratos or GT could be a mascot, but they appeal to different groups of people.

Sony is their own best "mascot", standing for quality and diversity....

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