Unreal Engine powers Spanish shooter, The Scourge Project - First screens and teaser

Tragnarion Studios is the latest developer to reveal it's licensed Epic's Unreal Engine, and is employing the technology in a PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 sci-fi shooter built for co-op play.

The game's called The Scourge Project, and supports four players that form the "technologically advanced" Echo Squad which is battling those dratted aliens. Tragnarion promises that each member of the four-man squad has their own unique story that will unravel as you progress through the game.

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TnS5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

I hope these pics and video are from very early version because the game is not too nice. (Compared for example to BlackSite: Area 51.)

peksi5423d ago

I only wish I liked FPSs. Hope this one has at least a good plot.

AnDy FrOm MiAmi5422d ago

Tns in the 4 picture it says pre-alpha build work in progress.

nobizlikesnowbiz5422d ago

Pic # 8/9 looks like a nasty vagina with teeth and legs.

Rhezin5422d ago

^^^no that would be your reflection on your screen. Game looks promising every new game coming out is going to be awesome, because now everyone has had the time to make their engines or use the unreal engine to create next gen games, and they're all gonna look fantastic.

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