MGS4 Demo New In-game Pics

Here are the latest pics from the Live stage demo, they are direct feed images

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Lord Anubis5912d ago (Edited 5912d ago )

it looks amazing, there are other pics out there were you can see more detail. I'll try to find them. http://cache.kotaku.com/ass...

tinytwat5912d ago

BS it's all BS. MSG is a worthless pile of dog sh*t and the PS3 is a POS.

MSG stories are always so f*cking Japanese and gay. learn how to write a story already, Hideo Kojima. your stories are hideous :P

THC CELL5912d ago

F**k me there in game.

They are awesome screens.
I really can not wait for this game to come out now

shame not on my x box. who cares i own a ps3.

San anto5912d ago

great pics but wers snakes life bar?

nobiggy5912d ago (Edited 5912d ago )

well what can i say.....F***KIN UNBELIVEABLE thanks kojima, fruit basket on its way

edit: who let the xbot out from the zoo (disagree all you want fool)

NoiseBringer5912d ago

Now this are real pictures.... WERY WERY NICE... i hope for gameplay video soon too..... ;)