PSU's E3 2010 Predictions

PSU Writes: "E3 is synonymous with many things. Megatons, copious amounts of waiting time, absurd deadlines, giant enemy crabs (ok, that was a one off, but still), and the chance to go hands-on with the year’s hottest games and hardware. It comes once a year, and we bloody love it.

Naturally, we all have an idea of what we’d like to see announced at the event, hence why some of the staff at PSU have all chipped in and cobbled together a list of our predictions - some more optimistic than others – for this year’s mega event in Los Angeles.

Of course, most of us have a fairly good idea of what to expect, though that's the great thing about E3 - just when you think you've seen it all, a couple of surprises always manage to sneak in when you least expect it. So, what can we expect to shock our socks off this year? Resistance 3? God of War III DLC? Final Fantasy VII remake? PSP2?

We can't answer that for sure, but check out our predictions/wish after the jump."

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brew3145d ago

For Mike - I doubt Naughty Dog will be making an Uncharted game for the PSP. Now a different comapny , that's a good possibility.Sony can find another internal or offshoot to handle it.

For Adam - Insomniac said they won't be announcing their multiplatform game at E3 (or showing it). And Rockstar's game is called Agent , not The Agent.

For Justin - The Getaway and Eight Days? Wow. That seems like a stretch. Maybe one if they aren't too busy with Move games.

My thoughts - No PSP2 yet. The Go is $250 and you know a PSP2 would bury it hardware wise so what's it going to cost? People would go nuts and they would throw rotten fruit on stage if Sony announces a $300+ handheld at this time.

Instead , I predict that Sony will recommit to the PSP with software - Uncharted , Patapon 3 , a racing game from BigBig , and a game from High Impact to go along with God of War. I think they'll cut price later this year on the PSP. PSP2 release for the end of 2011.

Azianphil883145d ago

I agree with Justin on the return of Eight Days and The Getaway