Rumor: Gamespot's E3 2010 Showfloor Map Reveals Unannounced Games

Gamespot's E3 2010 showfloor map may have leaked several unannounced games: Dead or Alive 5, Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3.

Announced games that are unconfirmed for E3 at the moment but appears on the map: Aliens Colonial Marines, Baiten Kaitos Origins, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Xenoblade.

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SonyGoogle3055d ago

I'm not complaining, but didn't 2 come out less than 6 months ago?

Keele3055d ago

Yeah, I've got doubts on the 3rd.

Conloles3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Hmm unannounced EA game gives hope for Battlefield 3! Also in regards to ME3 I think its possible, theyve got the tech down so it would be pretty quick to turn a game over.

Timesplitter143055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Well if they announce it, it means it's got at least one year before release

LordMarius3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

oh yes please, and please still be exclusive :P
but of course Gamespot could just be guessing

Keele3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I see your ''please still be exclusive'' and raise you a please not be exclusive.

JD_Shadow3055d ago

Why? So they can gloat about the latest "me too" game to hit the 360 while everyone else wonders what the game COULD'VE been like if it stayed exclusive when it finally DOES come out?

C'mon, people who want it to happen, THINK!

Keele3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

No, not so I can gloat about the latest game to supposed ps3 exclusive to hit the 360, but so I can play and enjoy this game. Continue to make baseless assumptions like an idiot about what it is that you have absolutely no idea about (my logic).

''Everyone'', that's a pretty massive word to use. No, just the hardcore Ps3 fanboy populace that are surprisingly.. the exact thing that you had decided to describe about me. That behavior is (I conclude) obviously to reassert how 'valuable' their Ps3 purchase is (insecurity) and to be able to further establish how lesser worth the purchase of others is also (even more insecurity).

Do not confuse thinking with bias, if you had a 360 as opposed to a ps3, you'd think the exact opposite of what you currently do now.

The reason I do not see the bad in it being multiplatform is because games have the capability of being successful and good regardless of whether they're on one specific platform or multiple. Obviously this has eluded you due to the sole reason I had already stated above.. 'bias'.

You're the one that needs to stop thinking in your one dimensional perspective.

Spydr073054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

So, what Keele is saying is that he would prefer that Halo, Gears, ME, Fable, etc., all go multiplatform so they can be played on the PS3. I see nothing wrong with that.

Relax, guys, he's not a fanboy. He has no desire for exclusivity on any platform. SMG2 on the PSP!!! Zelda on the 360! Wii Sports becomes "Multi-platform Sports".

No, it's NOT impossible. Improbable? Yes. The rights to any IP could (note could) be released by the holder of the IP. Not to mention the original dev could just do what was done with Ninja Gaiden. Halo 3: SIGMA! Fable 2: Sigma. I think you get the point. Easy for any dev that isn't 1st party.

Besides, I'm on your side. I thought you said you didn't like exclusive games. Wouldn't doing away with them all create your gaming utopia? Win for all!

All bow to Keele-ism! WOOT!!!

Keele3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Don't be stupid, Spydro, that is impossible. When it comes to third party games though, of course, yes.

Spydr073054d ago

Lol, I kid, I kid. If I offend, I'm sorry, please, please, forgive!

Joking aside, I disagree with your general ideology. I would no more want to see GeoW on PS than MGS4 on 360. Why? Becuase I like loyalty. Devs gain a fanbase on a current system and that system helps bring them up. The f,ans do their part, too. I think jumping ship creates a feeling of betrayal among the masses. To me, that's bad.

I'm not even going to get into the basic quality drop when a prior exclusive goes multiplat.

Eamon3054d ago

I agree with Keele.

It's true in numerous cases that multiplatform games still turn out to become both successful and enjoyable.

But I do understand the need for exclusivity (not from idiot fanboys but from developers). There are developers who have aims and dreams for a game that can only be possible on PS3 hardware.

But most of the time, when a game remains PS3 exclusive, the only significant improvements are better visuals and uncompressed content (because of blu-ray).

As for gameplay, I believe even the Wii can have games with groundbreaking gameplay. That depends on the how creative and smart the developer is. Not how powerful the console is.

Look at Portal and Braid. Two of the most legendary games to have ever been made. They both can run on lesser hardware but produce unmatched gaming experiences.

But most fanboys blind themselves in thinking "better graphics = better game."

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rob60213055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

If you go to the neogaf link it says, gamespot did the same thing last year, it's just educated guesses from gamespot.

ArchangelMike3055d ago

Square Enix has sold out for me. I understand about the financial market, investors, stock holders, bigger market share... blah... blah... blah...

But I think all gamers agree that they would rather have a AAA title, than a AA title. Yes more people got to experience the game on the 360, but it was a lacklustre experience as a result.

FFvXIII will go the same way, simply because of teh development costs. But why am I not bothered, because Sony are killing the competition in terms of the number and quality of their exclusives right now. Microsoft and Nintendo can't match Sony on this point.

Microsoft has to then resort to "look we've nabbed that exclusive, aren't we the big boys?" Well no actually, not if it's a dumbed down crappy port of what should have been a AAA stellar game. They've got the money to invest in lots of thier own damned exclusives, I guess they either just don't have the talent, or don't have the horsepower!!!

tablav3054d ago

Come on, don't be pathetic guys...

I own a PS3 and 360 and think that each console has great games and features, but I got FFXIII on PS3 and a friend got it on 360, and the differences were so negligable that only stupid Fanboys would even bother to compare screenshots to see if 'their console is better'.

And for the record, myself and said friend then played a six hour sesh on Doom 2 and the graphics on that didn't stop us enjoying what is one an awesome game.

Stephen55433054d ago

I completely agree with you, but I just wanted to let you know that the current argument about FFXIII isnt about which one for which system is better/looks better. They already realize that they look and play similarly. People are upset because they feel like the PS3 version was watered down because of the 360 version. This is based off of Square saying that they wanted to make both versions look and play pretty much similarly so that everyone can have the same experience.(I have FFXIII for the PS3, by the way.)

Personally, I dont think that Final Fantasy XIII would have been a different game if it was an exclusive(like a lot of people are saying). I've heard people say that they removed towns and the like because of the 360, that's a load of crap. If you liked or disliked the game it isnt because it went multiplatform, it's because Square made XIII that way, and that's the way it was gonna be before the exclusivity being removed. Whether or not the graphics would be better or not is a different story, but I saw no problem with the graphics, so I dont see why people complain about that.

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Tripl3seis3055d ago

For god sakes ffviii better be exclusive to the ps3 I'm hoping

Dragunov3055d ago

Everyone here knows it, FFXIII wont be exclusive and like XIII will be dumbed down. I hope its not, maybe there is 5% chance

N4BmpS3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Pretty sure this isn't every thing. A lot of games though. Rather quite impressive.

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