Joystiq: Rock Band 3 Hands-On

Yes, there is a keytar peripheral (though in the game, it's just called "keys"). Yes, there is a Rock Band Pro mode, complete with its own 150-button guitar, that's more complicated than anything you've ever seen a plastic instrument do. Yes, a full band now consists of seven different instruments: two guitars, three vocalists (harmonies included, thanks to The Beatles), drums and a keyboard. But all of that stuff already reporte isn't what makes Rock Band 3 worthy of a plus one to the version number.

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Myst3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Awesomeness of Rock Band 3. Holding off on buying a new Guitar then I know I will be getting this one. In terms of sequels to music games this is actually a very good transition from two to three and how adjustments should be made.

Though I suppose I shouldn't say it's how things should be until I try it for myself.


Forgot to say hopefully they will add more customization options, I found Guitar Hero...6? or whatever number it was to have a pretty good one [Maybe it was World Tour god I forgot]