GameSpot: Homefront Updated Impressions and Interview

It's the year 2027, and a resurgent North Korea has invaded the United States of America. The North Korean army--a force numbering in the millions and backed by the world's most advanced weaponry--has taken over the West Coast and, by deliberately irradiating the Mississippi with nuclear waste, has created a gigantic radioactive strip across the middle of the nation, making it impossible for the enfeebled and disorganised US Army to muster a decent counterattack from the East Coast.

Millions of Americans are left to fend for themselves, forced to live in sheltered communities that are heavily camouflaged from spying North Korean patrols. The only hope comes from a small but dedicated group of resistance fighters who have banded together to retake the nation, one town at a time.

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Gestalt3143d ago

Sweet, been waiting for news on this game.