-Alpha5146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

I've sadly never owned a FF game. Perhaps I'll give this one a try.

I haven't played any redDevil. I played, 10 for a good while, but unfortunately it wasn't mine and I never finished it. I briefly played 12 too but again, wasn't my game and had to return it shortly.

I assume #9 has stuff like side missions, good battle system, and most importantly, a great story. Also, how long is the main quest? Maybe I should just get #13?

I REALLY want to get into the series, but don't know which game to start with :)

I ought to do some research, I wonder if Versus will be good.

redDevil875146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

Have you played FF6? Its my fav JRPG ever. You can get it on a SNES emulator.

Alpha i would recommend you start with 6 or 7. They have simple gameplay, thats fun and addictive. Not to mention really good story lines and characters.

Shadow0175146d ago

Same I never played a FF game as well the reason I didn't get the new one I felt like i would be lost since I didn't play all the other predecessors.

iamtehpwn5146d ago

In my opinion is X. It's a great game for Newcomers to play because it has many modern features you'd expect such as great visuals (Even though it's dated), Voice acting, and etc. This happened to a lot of my friends, who, after playing X, went back and played 6-9.

Da One5146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

From there work your way up, also try FFT, preferably FFT:WOTL.

IF you have a DS FFIV isn't a bad place to start either.


I beat X first, even though i had owned FFT, XI, VIII years prior to beating it. I don't know why...

Bnet3435146d ago

Alpha-Male, try it out. It's my fav FF game and def. the most underrated.

huzzaahh5146d ago

I think that FFX is the best FF. It is one of my favourite games of all time. It's beautiful and incredibly fun to play, so I'd recommend that. I actually haven't finished FFVII, though, and I haven't played VIII and IX. I've had VII for over half a year from the PSN, but I haven't gotten around to completing it.

I want to know if FFVIII and IX are worth getting. I can spend the empty summer months playing those (when I'm not outside, of course).

A funny (and sad) fact: For the price of both MW2 map packs, you can get FF VII, VIII, and IX. For the price of TWO MAP PACKS you can get THREE FULL GAMES (which are considered masterpieces by many people).

clarkdef5146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

I actually found IX was the best one to start at, VII didn't have analog support and seemed lower in the prodution value than IX. This is from a guy who got into them late.

VII might seem better to most, but if it was the first you ever played, you may feel a nostalgic attachment to it, making it better in the beholders eyes.

Try IX first mainly because of the analog support D pad feels horrible to move around with.

SaiyanFury5146d ago


Start with FFVII. It was the first game to bring the JRPG genre mainstream. After that, it's your choice go to FFVIII or FFXI, both are great games. I would continue to FF8 personally. Get FFXI when you're familiar with JRPGs finally, it's an amazing game.

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Army_of_Darkness5146d ago

whatever... I want chrono cross already!!!

Toenado5146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

I dont want to sound like a queer or nothing but i think ff9 kicks ass.

Diamondwolf5146d ago

If u have a ds, start with 4. if not, start with 6 and go chronologically. IMO FFVIII is bad, but is good. if u can stomach the horrendous draw system then it has one of the best if not the best story. overall though, 9 is my personal fav and the last FF that was done perfectly

Army_of_Darkness5146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

FF9 kicks ass?!?! sorry bro, thats queer talk rite there! haha! j/k.... a little bit...

@diamond, oh okay, thanks... I get mixed up sometimes...

Comet5146d ago

Time to build up the Final Fantasy collection again...
After Joe Danger, Sony is making me buy another PSN card! I'm going broke here! Slow down!!!

SonyGoogle5146d ago

Never played it, will purchase it.

D4RkNIKON5146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

It was more like 7 than 8 or 10. If you have played those..

I am going to have to play through it again

huzzaahh5146d ago

Are 8 and 9 worth getting? I enjoyed 10 to the max, but I have unfortunately missed out on those two. I've heard people say that they either love or hate 8. What is your opinion and why?

Ahmay5146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

it depends...

i like 9 a little more than 8 because of its philosophical aspects.

8 was very interesting when the story unfolds though.. quistic is hot!

edit... Xenogears is a must if you've never played that. (not out on psn, hopefully).. it ties for 1st for my ps1 rpg pick with ffvii..

cond3m3r5146d ago

well time period and story wise..its kinda a mix of the older FFs with the mid-eval feel to it and the battle system is a lil integration of 7 and 8...FFX is more like upgrading based on pts u receive from a battle and using it on the sphere grid..n but weapons are kinda similar..they all have certain attributes that are already within the weapon/accessory.

i liked FF9..characters were fresh and spunky..i think that game is worth every penny.
@huzzaahh...yea it realli is a love/hate thing about FF8..the story and characters gets better as it progresses tho
@ahmay...he/shes totally right to try out xenogears..that game is one of the best RPGs ive ever played

ThatArtGuy5146d ago

I still have a black label FF9, sealed.

peedie165146d ago

still have my copy from the original release

Toenado5146d ago

I still have two copies but both of my disk 4 are unplayable. So this is great news for me.

saint_john_paul_ii5146d ago

lands on the day of the sony conference then?