Will This Be The Best E3 Ever?

Last year’s E3 was one of the best in recent memory. Sony and Microsoft, both, had very solid conferences filled with AAA titles and delivered great content for their consoles. Nintendo had one of their best showings in recent memory as well by showcasing two Mario’s and debuting Metroid: Other M. This year expectations are only higher for the most important video game conference in the world. All three are slated to show major franchises, motion controls, and possibly new hardware. Can this year’s E3, from what we know and what we don’t know, be the best E3 ever?

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Jac5al3055d ago

This should be one interesting E3 considering Sony already announced 4 big exclusives. I wonder what Microsoft is going to have up their sleeves exclusive wise?

OOG3055d ago

man.... sooo many games... I duno how I'm going to play half of them lmao. GL to us all.

WildArmed3054d ago

lol You are worried about playing half of em?
I'm worried about PAYING for half of em xD

But yeah, God help us! :D

OOG3054d ago

Lmao so true so true... f m l lol

Conloles3054d ago

Most exciting? Yes

It will be the worst E3 ever for the hardcore gamer.

LoaMcLoa3054d ago

But the show is yet to come. It will be one of the best, that's for sure! :D Can't wait

Mo0eY3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Let's take a look at what Microsoft has brewing:

A 17 year old girl to co-host - CHECK
Celebrity cameos - Ice T and Drake in Bromance of War 3 - CHECK
Red balls, blue balls, and green balls - TRIPLE CHECK
Halo: Combat Evolved version 4.0 - CHECK
Milo and blue balls?! MEGATON CHECK
Multiplatform video at the beginning, middle, and end of conference - NO DOUBT ABOUT IT CHECK

With the above said, I think Microsoft will win E3 this year.

hamoor3054d ago

Can your bubbles decrease to ZERO???
If not they have to add that

DigitalRaptor3055d ago

For Sony, yes.
For Nintendo, quite possibly.
For Microsoft, yes (as long as Natal is more than just a platform for casual shovelware).

WildArmed3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

I'm betting on all Yes-es here.
Sony n MS always have a good show. MS has been quiet, so it looks like they have something.

Sony already showed alot of their stuff. If they just show what they have been showing for the last month or two, Sony is in a great spot.

Wii.. oh boi!
The new DS..New Zelda.. New Metriod.
I'm rarely excited about nintendo stuff.. But I think this E3 nintendo will redeem it's previous not-so awesome E3s.

So, yeah, I'm betting on the best E3 yet!

Bluemaster773054d ago

Cant say for sure but its sure is shaping up to be one helluva show

jaredhart3054d ago

than I have been for any E3 in recent years.

OOG3054d ago

Im hoping/wondering if Nintendo will be bringing the 3ds... I want to see what it can do.

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The story is too old to be commented.