Project Natal + Minority Report: Microsoft files for gesture patents

The Seattle Times: Just ahead of next week's public unveiling of its Project Natal motion control system for the Xbox 360, Microsoft has filed for several patents covering technology for controlling PCs and game systems with gestures and motion tracking.

They also make it clear that this technology is no longer the realm of science fiction as in the movie "Minority Report."

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Timesplitter143104d ago

It's like I'm really on tell all your friends

candystop3104d ago

I just want to see what Natal has to offer and no more hype. If this thing can recognize gestures and track finger I'm impressed. So many unanswered question and disagree why give a [email protected] seriously. E3 is suppose to be fun and a battle between MS, Sony and Nintendo only.

Parapraxis3104d ago

I find it somewhat amusing that many people think that hand complex gestures (with Natal) will be easy for people to quickly adapt to.

They couldn't be more wrong.

How many people here use mouse gestures in their applications?
A simple click of a button or slight movement of a mouse will always win until we have an interface so responsive that a twitch of a finger can open a context menu or highlight text.

wages of sin3104d ago

You have played and know all about Natal right?


Put up or shut up time is coming for Microsoft. Let's give them a chance. I'm really looking forward to Natal and I hope they realize their goal. I also hope Move is great (although I don't want Move).

ChozenWoan3104d ago

Next month MS will be suing the National Association of the Deaf for patent infringement.

Parapraxis3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

wow, lol...that was really good.
I will point out I'm being genuine here as my overwhelming sarcasm in my post #1.1.5 was so potent some people may be confused.

Seriously, I wish I had thought of that one.

(on a side note, I kinda wish your name was ChosenJuan)

ChozenWoan3103d ago

and your one of the few who catches onto the second meaning of my name... since my middle name is Don. lol

darren_poolies3104d ago

Yeh, Iron Man 2's is much much cooler but Minority Report brought it around first.

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FarEastOrient3104d ago

Who is letting these patents be approved it is just like Apple being approved for a patent for fingers touching a touchscreen. Even though they were not the first company to come up with it or even use it.

NASA and the United States Army has used gestures and motion tracking before the release of Natal so I wonder how they think they get anything like this approved.

But than again our Patent system is broken.

CYCLEGAMER3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago ) reeeeaaallly don't want Microsoft to succeed with this huh???

Why please tell my why people on this site HATE Natal so much? I dont get it!

Edit: oh I get it now, the disagrees just showed me. Its because of the fanboys, my friend warned me about you people. CLASSIC!!

Cevapi883104d ago

the reason the patents can be approved is because MS is looking to patent it for PC's and its gaming console....i really havent seen any other company do this so idk if it has been done before...MS will hopefully talk about it at E3 and will show how this works when you are trying to navigate through the 360 w/o the things like moving through your music, game, and entertainment library will be shown off (hopefully)....

off topic....i think that Natal could use a peripheral/accessory that you put on your hands just like in the movie Minority Report, especially with games where you need the more precision you have with your hands, i believe that it would be better...gestures like having control of the trigger on a gun to being able to look down the sight of a gun can be done on Natal i believe....this is what i would like to see at E3...

Gawdl3y3104d ago

Holy crap, a four-bubble! I must eat your face! Om nom nom!

But seriously, Natal really isn't that much of an innovation, nor is the PS Move. They've both been done before -- Wii and PS Eye/Eyetoy.

rob60213104d ago

Well getting a patent really only helps MS cash in and monopolize, it doesn't determine whether Natal succeeds or fails. It seems to me its more about keeping anyone else from being able to do what MS is doing than helping gamers out. Defending a patent like this is more fan-boyish than bashing it.

CYCLEGAMER3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Who is defending anything? Certainly not me, I am just making an observation, just look at the Natal articles vs the Move articles then look at the comments, whenever someone is optimistic or excited about Natal look at many disagrees and negative comments the person gets. Then look at the "move" articles comments and responses and look at all the positive feedback. I mean look at my first comment, I had about 8 disagrees before the edit, and I barely said

The people on this site are so biased and anti Microsoft its hilarious. The sad thing is that I don't think that it is "Natal" that they hate, its the fact that Microsoft has it. Personally I am interested in both.

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kws10653104d ago

There will be thousands ways to avoid the patent through hardware, software or both.

SonyGoogle3104d ago

Minority Report was a weird movie.

Silly gameAr3104d ago

Gesture patents? That is hella lame.

oohWii3104d ago

Tell that to apple with their patent for touching a touch screen. Or swiping across to unlock the iphone.

Silly gameAr3104d ago

Yeah, that is equally as lame.

crapgamer3104d ago

good move, cause Sony likes to copy the current thing and now they cant :) GJ MS!

gamingisnotacrime3104d ago

since everyone was using BluRay and Cell chips in 2006, sony is just another copy cat right

Keltik823104d ago

I've commented on you before I'll do it again. You're a douche. Thank god you have only 1 bubble.

NYPunk883104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )


<3 u pookie! :D

Ilikegames763104d ago

to control apps have already been done. MS just copied it and now it's going to patent it? Really lame if it got approved for patent.

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