What If Sony Announced (insert phrase) At E3?

PSUnlimited writes: Predictions. The only verbal and written pastime that we as video game journalists/bloggers can actively initiate in creating before the illustrious gaming Gala that is E3. Our predictions come in all shapes and sizes. Some come from many legitimate news sources and insider tips. Then again, some of them come from a certain Wedbush Morgan analyst. (See how I did that?)

Well we at PlayStation Unlimited can give you yet ANOTHER list of predictions on what Sony may or may not do … but we’re not going to do that. Instead , we’re going to flip the script and play a little game in which any reader can play along . In style of an Ad Lib, we’re going to fill in the blank you see in the title above. So let your imaginations run wild because, heh, at E3 ANYTHING can happen and all of your wildest dreams can come true. Here are our top 4 “What Ifs”.

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Hellsvacancy3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Soul Reaver

Also kinda off topic, wot-ever happened to WarDevil?

karl3147d ago

a new soul reaver would be awesome....

that would have some unique gameplay

Campy da Camper3147d ago

but man o man would I love to see an Elder Scrolls V with Move and 3-D support.

Cevapi883147d ago

PSP2 with Android support...since there are rumors that Google TV might be coming to the PS3

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D4RkNIKON3147d ago

-HDD video sharing in HOME personal theaters
-google tv

villevalorox3147d ago

DEMON's SOULS 2!!!!!! lol, I would shit balls

ThatArtGuy3147d ago

Have you been eating them?

(Sorry, someone had to say it.)

arakouftaian3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Very funy .

On topic, I allways belive the new PSP2 will be here
plus the PS2 games on the PSN is huge.

Also StarHawk will Have a huge precentation. I think.

I hope the PSP2 is
two Tom sticks,
could play any old PSP, PS1, PS2 PSN games.
a great Internet Browser
touch screen
Psn friend list
not over $300
8MP camera
720p video
long battery life
very compatible with the PS3 and PS4
XBOX like graphics or better
two sizes pspgo size and psp3000 size screen

BkaY3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

manhunt 3, 8 days.... and any other announcement will be welcomed..


Davoh3146d ago

The take over of Microsoft and Nintendo, thus eliminating them as competitors 0.o

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RayRay363147d ago

The release of the Boomerang Dualshock 3. Also, an Official Playstation vibrator. Wait... There wouldnt be much of a difference huh?

dktxx23147d ago

What the hell kind of vibrators have YOU seen?

ClownBelt3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Kinda hard to describe I bet since it's stuck on his ass already. XD


Quit complaining about disagrees. Everyone get those around here whether you say the most intelligent thing in the world, you'll still get it.

RayRay363147d ago

lol. Take a look at that controller. Are you blind? & I really got 2 disagrees before this has even been approved? I acutally thought it was pretty funny. Just me? Or cant the PS3 fanboys take a joke?

deadreckoning6663147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

HAHAHAHA ROFL, Bubbles up RayRay

These people seriously don't know what a joke is lol.

huzzaahh3147d ago

You, of all people, wasted you only comment on that? I'm disappointed. :( Bubbles up, though.

N4BmpS3147d ago

The Playstation Move controller was funny in 2009 after it was shown for the first time. It's such dated joke I don't like anymore. Trust me I tell a lot of jokes.

RayRay363147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Not the Move, the original controller for the PS3. The Boomerang. If you havent seen it, google it. It was pretty much a flat out joke. Although, Ive always wondered what the Boomerang controller could have been. Besides just a fancy Martial aid.

@knight626 Funny thing... Hold on lemmie double check... Yup, I only own a PS3. No 360, nor Wii. Its just that PS3 fanboys cant take anything negative said about the PS3, even in joking.

N4BmpS3147d ago

Well I also hated the boomerang controller but I did this thing known as "forgetting it" or "trying to forget it" I don't want to remember it. and at this point I'm sure Sony isn't releasing it. So to me the joke is pretty much pointless and SUPER dated.

knight6263147d ago

@RayRay36 as sony is making thing to pleasure us microsoft is making thing to rip u off

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Godmars2903147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Road Rash

GoogleTV app/add-on