Media Create hardware sales (5/31 - 6/6)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Valay3054d ago

Overall, it's another down week for hardware sales.

Ziriux3054d ago

Yea for nintendo maybe.

gunnerforlife3054d ago

you do realise sony has been beating nintendo in both the console as well as the hand-held market in japan for quite a while now

GameOn3054d ago

Ninty sold more hand-helds last week...

SOAD3054d ago

@ gunner4life

No. Nintendo beat Sony in the handheld market again. There are 3 Nintendo handheld SKUs on that list. Altogether, that's almost 30,000 Nintendo handhelds vs. 24,000 PSPs.

commodore643054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Yeah, hmmm

It looks like the momentum of the ps3 is definitely in decline in Japan.
Since the ps3 pricedrop and slim release, we have seen an unmistakeable and ongoing reduction in its momentum.

Sure, GOW3 and FF13 spiked its sales.
Sure, 2009 was a record sales year, as expected with a $100 pricedrop.
But since then, on average, the trend is down.

I am expecting the usual 'buh teh 360...' and 'slow time of year' deflections and justifications inbound as a matter of sdf habit.
Nevertheless, the numbers don't lie.
The ps3 momentum seems to be slowing in Japan.

Having said that, 18000 units in Japan is nothing to be sneezed at.
I am not in any way saying that the ps3 'is doomed' or that my comment should be interpreted as trolling.
(no doubt it will be, regardless)

However, we must consider the facts.
We must call a spade a spade.

Strange_Evil3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

You do know that we are in the slowest period of the year don't you... Just let September roll by and then for 4 months the sales will get a real bump (especially in november and december)... Expect PS3 to outsell 360 by over 100-150K per month then.

And yes you are trolling cause even with the drop in sales, PS3 still is the best selling console this week even more than a Wii... One question to you... Has the 360 EVER sold more than a Wii anywhere for more than 3 months since Wii's launch??

Snoogins3054d ago

The PS3, a console selling at a higher price point than the most popular console this generation (the Wii), having still yet to hit the sweet spot price for massive market penetration, is outselling both of its rival consoles in Japan. Sales spikes are seen during holidays and during releases of Japan-centric titles, which God of War and games of similar Western influence sell poorly in the land of the rising sun, so one shouldn't expect to see such titles to cause a hardware shift. While the momentum of the price drop and release of the slimmer model of the PS3 may have plateaued, it is still left at a position higher than previous years, revealing a Y-O-Y gain.

While these numbers for consoles sold in Japan do not look as impressive when compared to North American and European figures, it's quite typical of the smaller Japanese market. One important aspect you seem to neglect, especially when you claim to be discussing trends, is that the Japanese market is more handheld-focused than other markets, the numbers of these units consistently selling in higher volumes than their much larger and less portable brothers.

You can take a figure and spin it into any biased perspective you wish, but it loses both validity and accuracy when all factors are considered.

Thoreau3054d ago

it seems that ever time i read your posts it is negative towards the ps3 which is fine, but if you want to talk about spades, how about the 360. it is not selling too well right now, and while sony move forward with 3d and bluray, micro gives the advanced pseye. the 360 is slowing down and that is the bottom line. no bluray, no 3d, no free online play. that is a spade...

stonecold13054d ago

needs to get out of japan altogether and work on other country s besides japan the 360 was not wanted in japan end statement

n4gno3054d ago

unsecure boxfans want to see ps3 dead since 2006, and even when the console kill his rrod sister each month worldwide, they see "the end of momentum" (in japan, where the console is 1 for several months, and sell 10X more than xbox) funny, they don't stop, choosing the denial and lie system to survive :)

RedDevils3054d ago

commodore think he is so smart that he can analyse how the future of the ps3/360 will look like, you know commodore you remind me of Morgan, except that you just a fanboy rant over the internet with no qualifications

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Ziriux3054d ago

:( 360 is selling poorly, i mean 8k is still good money but not cool.

Tony-A3054d ago

That says 3k, unless you're talking about something else.

gunnerforlife3054d ago

i think he got the DSI mixed with the 360

RedDevils3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

even Ziriux think 8k is poor wait until what he think of 3k :P

MajestieBeast3054d ago

I dont even think monster hunter can save the 360.

jerethdagryphon3054d ago

in japan nothing can save 360 for the mostpart japenese gamers arnt shoorter fans and the babn weave motion of gears can cause motion sickness... no surprise its fareing poorly

n4gno3054d ago

the question is : why on earth (and not only japon) someone without console today would take a 360 over a ps3 ? it's better on every single level, hardware, software, price (options/bluray, etc), etc

Umb3054d ago

The PS2 is still going, guess the PS2 game library has lots to offer in all different gernre.

On a seriuos note I can see in Japan at least that the PS2's lifecycle is fast coming to an end and Sony will phase out the PS2 to force those sitting on the fence to purchase the PS3 since there no other alternative for those who wants to get a PS console. Unless they get a second hand PS2 that is.

But Sony is also making that decision a bit easier as they are supporting and marketing the PS3 with all the new and upcoming features.