Final Fantasy Versus XIII On Xbox 360 Would Be A Mistake

Yoichi Wada announced that Square Enix would be "looking into" the possibility of making Final Fantasy Versus XIII cross-platform, like Final Fantasy XIII, and that is worrying. Yes, Final Fantasy XIII has been treated to the most successful first week of any game in the franchise due to its availability on two consoles (with the PS3 just taking the majority by a few percent), but if you look at how well the game transferred over to work with the Xbox 360, surely the majority of players would have rather played the game on the console it was intended for, so will Square Enix repeat that mistake?

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Selyah3051d ago

It would be nice for them to keep the initial statement of keeping versus xiii an exclusive.

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D4RkNIKON3051d ago

after how boring 13 was, I probably wont buy versus.

smashman983051d ago

i think you would be missing out dude nomura is awesome , with that being said i would also like this game to reamin exclusive, not so the 360 owners cant have it but rather so the game can take full advantage of the ps3's technology and not have to be watered on both consoles just for the 360. I own both btw which makes it easier for me to admit ps3 is more powerful

rezzah3050d ago

Its not going to be the same, gameplay will be different. The battles are said to be more like that of KH.

RageAgainstTheMShine3050d ago

to repent of his sins on mankind
go back from the Dark Side of the Force.

Right now fear has clouded his thinking.

Hanif-8763051d ago

If that happens then i'll never trust Square Enix ever. They screwed us over with Final Fantasy XIII which is just not what it would of been if it were a PS3 exclusive... i mean no towns, world map, "what the heck" whats Final Fantasy without all those? 6.8GB can only hold so much.

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Imalwaysright3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

I have the original copy of FF7 for the PS1 and it comes on 3 CDs. As im sure you know, FF7 has towns and a huge map to explore. FF13 doesnt have towns and a world map because it was SE choice. It wasnt because of the 360.

Cant wait for the stealth disagrees from the spoiled little brats AKA PS3 fanboys.

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pippoppow3050d ago

Content was said to be cut. The reasons may have been due to wanting the game to fit on 3 CDs. Also the original scope and scale of the game may have been altered as well. SE should stay true to their words. Devs/Pubs lies are annoying. Bunch of liars.

I'm sure a 360 version is on their mind or maybe already in the works. The thing is I hope that the game is all it can be even if it means 6 cd+ for the 360 version. Although it is likely the games content will suffer due to MS charging an extra fee for more discs.

Regardless of what happens I hope for a full RPG experience with some strategic gameplay. A game to rival some of the best FF games. But like many believe the game will most likely reach it's full potential if left an exclusive.

blumatt3050d ago

The only Final Fantasy I've ever played was FF8 and it was awesome. It had towns, a world map, airships, and side missions, such as looking for Chocobos in forests. I hope FF Versus 13 stays PS3 exclusive so we can see those again. It's just simpler on the PS3. It can be up to 50 GB and it's all on one disc. Plus, something that many forget, is that blu rays DON'T scratch like DVD's. If it comes out for the 360, I'm gonna be one of those people who doesn't buy it. It's not being fanboyish to want the best experience possible.

DevastationEve3050d ago

XIII is a great game dude. And having no towns has nothing to do with DVD space and much more to do with how you have to fill 3D worlds even more in an rpg than in any other type of game. Check out the vastness of a game like Elder Scrolls Oblivion, a first gen 360 title. But to the guys at SE they decided that would totally dilute the one thing every FF is all about: the story.

XIII is perfect the way it is to me, to others who need an open-world rpg they should turn to MMORPG, it doesn't get bigger than that.

Final Fantasy is a unique experience that every developer tries to copy. But times have changed and SE is no longer the only one in the spotlight, so they had to evolve.

baodeus3050d ago

can they put it on 4 disc...i mean even RDR is only on 1 disc and look at the amount of space in that game comparing to any FF series and it looks amazing. Lost Odyssey on 4 discs that has town, world map, etc...why FF13 doesn't? Maybe the extra space for CG movies or uncompress music isn't needed. And beside, the PS3 version isn't dumb down, it does ran at 720p, 2xMSAA, 1080p CG movies and it looks great. Look at MGS4, it fill up one blue ray and what does it have, uncompress music and lots of cut scene and play can go as fast as <5 hrs. I hope u guys don't think cut scene, QTE, or CG as actual game play right?

I know many of you Sony fanboy are but hurt, but like i said, FF is not a PS exclusive brand, so get that out of your head.

kancerkid3050d ago

Maybe everyone bashing the 360 for FF13's faults should actually learn some facts. SE put little into the compression of the cutscenes on the 360 version and could have in fact compressed them MORE with BETTER quality (They used a poor encoder). See:

It is not a plastic boxes fault your game was bad, it was the developers.

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badz1493051d ago

maybe with that, SE can regain some respect back from the gaming community. although a bit linear and lacking as people might say about FFXIII, we can't deny that it's a beautiful game on the PS3 with crystal crisp (pun unintended) gameplay gfx and 1080p cutscenes! they can do so much with the PS3 compared to what they can with 360 and THAT is showing with FFXIII PS3 not only looking best but also easily outselling all games they have ever released for 360 including FFXIII combined! - I think!

I'm not a fan of traditional FF but Versus is supposed to have KH like combat mechanic which I prefer any day of the week over turn-based, and it keeps me interested. I would love for it to stay exclusive but knowing SE this day, that might change as we speak! ok, I have no problem if Versus goes multiplat but as long as they keep the PS3 version as they promised, I'm good and none others will complaint! FFXIII is gimped no matter how you wanna spin it! the fact that it becomes nonlinear in the 3rd disc on the 360 and can't go back to where you have left is a proof for that! - and it effects the PS3 version as well as both games must be the same! gamers and especially fans of FF don't want THAT! they want the FF game the way that they have always love! not the whored version of it like XIII! just my 2 cents!

BRG90003051d ago

This writer doesn't seem to know what side he is on. It calls going multiplatform a "mistake" and then devotes half the article to discussing how strongly it paid off for SE. Not very convincing if your point is that it was a mistake...

smashman983051d ago

but maybe u missed the part where it said it didnt exactly pay off for us

logikil3051d ago

Why should they keep things exclusive? Square is a company that is about making money, first and foremost. They will obviously make more money if they choose to make the game for the 360. Hell Mass Effect should go to the PS3 while we're at it. I don't necessarily mind timed exclusives because in many cases the folks making the games get cash on the side or assistance with marketing etc. This is a good situation for developers. If FF fans love Square as much as they let on (which lets face it is pretty damn retarded.....loving a company, come on grow up) why would you prefer that Square cut their potential profits in half? That makes no sense.

JD_Shadow3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

This might describe your case:

logikil3050d ago

Congratulations on being an idiot. How do you make it look so easy?

My response was to comment 1, take a moment and look back at it, i'll wait. Back, okay.....I'm pretty sure I read that comment just fine. So what exactly was the point of your juvenile little picture?

Game13a13y3051d ago

someone should fire Wada already.

fishd3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Mistake or not,Vesus went multiplat,the writing is on the freaking wall,there was supposed to be some media blowout on PSblog around February but somehow it didn't happen

and the game is nowhere to be found on SE's list of games for E3,Tekken 6 and TGS anyone?

I just hope Vesus turns out be a *real* FF,Exclusive or multiplat

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Sanrin3051d ago

It'd be fine as long as they didn't make it into a crap port.

ShawnCollier3051d ago

The whole reason XIII was meh on the 360 was because SE did a half-assed compressing of the video files/etc.

Honestly wouldn't want Versus on the 360 if they did that again. >.>

iliimaster3051d ago

thats like pretty much saying DVD9 is the same as bluray.... you can dress up a fat ugly old lady in the most fancy expensive clothes and she will still look fat and ugly... you cant hide ur flaws buddy and the xbox 360 compared to the ps3? in just the graphics part alone is a looser... you really think compression was the problem? ur one lost puppy

CimmerianDrake3051d ago

He's not talking about dressing the fat lady up, he's saying SE botched the liposuction meant to help her fit in the car.

DevastationEve3050d ago

Yeah its the compression. The video files could've benefited from more modern and sophisticated codecs, like hell even Microsoft's superb WMV HD codecs. The game looks better in-game than in CG I'm afraid.

But honestly it's just a few tv calibrations away from being barely unnoticeable. Just sit back...that's what wifi controllers are for :-D

JDouglasGU3051d ago

Definitely agree. If Square is going to port Versus XIII over then they better do a decent job of it. If not, just keep it PS3 exclusive.

maniacmayhem3051d ago

Another flamebait article on N4g?!?