NFL Ends License Exclusivity. NFL2K Set for a Comeback?

It has been thought that EA had sole exclusive rights to the NFL license. If the NFL was able to grant Quick Hits use of the license then it would seem that 2K have to be at least exploring the possibility of bringing back the cult hit NFL2K series.

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omodis4203050d ago

2K will get a crack at it one day. It seems to me the NFL can only sit idle for so long. Especially on this issue. Many gamers and journalists have been mad about the lack of progress in the Madden series for sometime now.

dktxx23050d ago

The NFL doesn't give a sh!t about Madden or what gamers think. They really don't care if madden is a crappy game, so long as it sells. 2k, or some other company, would have to persuade the NFL that it would be more lucrative to open their licensing rights to all. And I don't think 2k cares enough to do that.

The_Zeitgeist3050d ago

I think you seriously underestimate what the NFL license meant to 2K.

Rainstorm813050d ago

I think its far more lucrative for the NFL to have multiple licensed games rather than the one. Madden will sell but other games just add more money to the pot ,Its not like the NFL is developing these games.

For the most part it looks like all positive things for the NFL.

Please i hope this is the writing on the wall for the end of EA's monopoly on NFL gaming.

dktxx23050d ago

I don't know about that. It was a good series for them, but not all that great from a fiscal point of view. And right when it was starting to take some serious market share, ea grabbed the license. So basically 2k would have to start over again, and grab that market share all over again. There's a lot of reason's 2k should just move on and forget about it. I wish they would make a comeback, but i don't know if that's really a good idea for them.

logikil3050d ago

I know that I always preferred 2K Football. The more arcade like feel simply appeals to me more than Madden. But when 2K lost the license it simply wasn't going to survive. As fun as it is to play, aside from something like the monster football games, I want to play using my favorite teams. Once 2K gets the license back, it will be my game of choice.

The other thing 2K lost though was the ESPN license. I don't know that it means much, but it is something.

Cevapi883050d ago

last time i checked 2K Sports is still owned by Take know that huge company that owns R* and has a lot of resources up its sleeves....EA is a much bigger company i its easier for them to shell out A LOT of money to the NFL to grab the license...thats why its basically an open auction when it comes to the NFL...what company wants it the most...EA has the money, Take Two has the money as well, the decision though would be much riskier for them because it could hurt the company if the titles don't succeed

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poopface13050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

I THINK they seem to have the licenses for the teams but not the personnel.

As Herm(man) Edwards isnt the coach of the jets anymore(or a coach at all anymore), and Bill Belicheck is the coach of the patriots, not coach Harris as the pic says.

Id love to see NFL 2k back.

Edit-- Seems I was right. Only a few actual players will be in the game.

"The partnership does not include the rights to use NFL players, which must be acquired through a deal with the NFL Players Association, says Scott Philp, chief marketing officer for Quick Hit.

However, the game does feature a handful of popular, current NFL players such as Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss. Quick Hit is expected to reveal additional partnerships with other NFL stars at next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo."

So in other words, THIS RUMOR IS UNFORTUNATELY NOT TRUE. A NFL game without all of the teams, players and coaches wont be able to compete with madden, so 2K wont make one any time soon.

Edit- how could someone write an article like this without doing 1 min. of research?? Ohh they want hits probably. N4G, home of the most amateurish video game news ever.

poopface13050d ago

whatever. Keep waiting for the new NFL 2k game with no team or player licenses.

The only reason this game can even use the teams is because its a PC game.

authentic243050d ago

use the euphoria engine with a different gameplay mechanics and the same attn to detail on presentation I will welcome another 2k football game, But if they wouldn't do otherwise then I don't really care for it.

As far as I know the Madden Nfl license deal only was pertaining to consoles so IDK. I definitely welcome new NFL football titles that will actually innovate and not just use the same old formulas.

Rainstorm813050d ago

backbreacker's tackling/physics needs to be implemented in some kind of NFL game.

2k would be the prime suspect since take two already has a relationship with the guys over at natural motion (GTA4, RDR) It just makes perfect sense.

Now's a perfect time for sony to resurrect NFL Gameday.

ballsofsteel3050d ago

please for the love of god be true the 2K football games were 10 times better than any madden game

crapgamer3050d ago

ESPN NFL 2K5 was and is the best, deepest NFL experience around. Take Two realized that people didn't want to spend and shouldn't have to spend $50-$60 a year on a new sports game, with little to no additions and new rosters. They released all their 2K5 games at a $19.99 price point and obliterated Madden. E.A. didn't like this and bought the NFL license.
This current game is a "PC online only" game and isn't really a competition for E.A. which is how it got done, I don't believe Madden even comes out on P.C. though I could be wrong. We wont see another 2K NFL game for a while, if ever. E.A. will continue to buy the rights.

TheColbertinator3050d ago

I want to see NFL2K again.Greatest Ameucan football series ever

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