Madden NFL 11 Developers Series: It's All About Gameplay

The devs get together to discuss gameplay improvements in this installment of Developers Series for Madden NFL 11.

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NYC_Gamer3105d ago

same ol story every year but nothing changes...

cpuchess3102d ago

Everybody always says that no matter what they do.

dktxx23105d ago

EA, it's euphoria time. This looks like crap.

CYCLEGAMER3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Is this a Madden 05 remake? Hope its coming to xbox live or PSN soon!!

MysticStrummer3103d ago

Funny that you mention Madden 05. That's the last one I bought, and I have no urge to buy another.

49erguy3103d ago

Wow they can finally BLOCK (sarcasm). Didn't have audio on on purpose cause of these same idiots. Just waited for the 2010/2011 comparison split-screen as usual. Guess Maddens new gimmick is BLOCKING and playing as a TEAM. THose are reqirements not features.

Buy this crap used if it all. Don't give EA you're hard earned cabbage. Expect an 8.8 on IGN. (sigh)

STICKzophrenic3103d ago

It's funny that they're trashing their own god damn game that they made LAST YEAR. about getting it right five years ago, dumbasses?