Gears of War 3 Might Be Battling Killzone 3 In GTTV’s Pre-E3 Show

GT: GameTrailers TV will be having a special Pre-E3 show in which they will be revealing 10 new exclusive games and video premieres. Geoff keighley confirmed that Killzone 3 will be making it’s debut at their Pre-E3 show along with 9 new titles. Speculation is rampant about what games will GTTV be showing us for the first time, and we might have the answer to one of them.

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movements3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Clash of the titans indeed. There's no better showdown that Killzone 3 and Gears 3. Awesomeness I reckon.

deadreckoning6663104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

True, but if Battlefield 3 gets'll likely dominate both.

@Strange_Evil- I'm not trying to get into any stupid fanboy war. Btw, are u saying that just because people aren't hyping Battlefield 3, that means that it won't be good or it can't be better than KZ3 or Gears of War 3?

Also, I own a PS3 and I think the best shooter this generation is easily BC2, not Killzone 2 as ur "PS3 crowd/360 crowd MUST hype this particular game" logic.

Strange_Evil3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Unlikely.... PS3 crowd will hype KZ3 and 360 crowd will for Gears 3.... Who for BF3??? PC lol? Not many of them get into fanboy war as far as my knowledge on the PC side.

EDIT: Whoa Deadreck..., when did I say I was starting a fanboy war?? You say BF3 will dominate both and I thought you meant in terms of hype which clearly won't be the case. Besides, ain't it too early to decide if BF3 will be better than Gears or KZ??? The game isn't even announced for crying out loud let alone the fact that we haven't even seen any video footage.


I'm giving you bubble just because you thought for yourself and you never went with the rest of the crowd.

BkaY3103d ago

trust me i am going to get both but i am more excited about GeOW3 than KZ3... purely coz i am TPS guy not FPS...

but i really like the way both gamers are shaping up....


shadow27973103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

BC2 JUST came out. How in the world can they show anything for BC3 already?

If BC3 makes an appearance on GTTV, I will likely never buy a Battlefield game again. Even Call of Duty had a longer grace period and that has multiple dev teams.

Nevermind! I just realized you said "Battlefield 3" and not Battlefield: Bad Company 3.

As you were...

sak5003103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )


I agree Battlefield series pwans both KZ2 and Gears and even halo in terms of graphics/gameplay/multiplayer/ level designs/size/destructability/p hysics etc etc etc....



you're mistaking Bad Company2 with Battlefield 3. BF3 is sequel to BF2 which is not BadCompany2. Sorry can't go any deeper you need to google. BTW First BF was BF1942 back in 2002 or something

PshycoNinja3103d ago

I played Gears 2 (sorry not the first one) and IMO I just couldn't get into it. It was boring and just not fun. When I bought KZ2 I loved it, the backstory really got me interested in the universe and I love how it's scifi but very much grounded in reality.

With that said I hope both games do well and expand upon their working and already great stories and gameplay.

Raf1k13103d ago

It's Battlefield3 which is different to the Bad Company games since it's on a whole different scale and only on PC.

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tavo11173104d ago

Epic Battle, but GoW3 must be very good graphically talking to get alongside KZ3.

Biggest3103d ago

God of War 3 is more than just very good graphically. Or are you talking about GeoW3?

Focker4203103d ago


lol hes talking about Gears 3.

Lich1203103d ago

Just putting it out there, but GeoW as an Acronym doesn't make any sense.

Biggest3103d ago

But you can't take an already established acronym and use it for your own purposes and expect people to know what you mean. I can't just say PETA and expect you to know Paper Elephant Training Association.

Lich1203103d ago

Thats true, although that would be a pretty sweet Association.

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GWAVE3103d ago

The gameplay boils down to personal preference (a FPS versus a TPS? C'mon this sounds like Resistance 2 vs Gears 2 comparisions).

But when it comes to graphical detail and physics, Gears 3 will fall short against KZ3.

Greywulf3103d ago

Gears has like 2 vs 2

compared to 32 players.

God the bar is so low for 360 games.

-Alpha3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Greywulf, grow up.

5 vs 5 is a design choice. Do you really not understand how different a game 32 player Gears would be? Uncharted 2 is 5 vs. 5. By your logic, it must clearly mean the standard was low for UC2... oh right, PS3 exclusives are exempt from your standards.

deadoralive13373103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Alpha is definitely right Greywulf. It's just a design choice for 360 games. I rather want to be able to play games than experience lags and some serious glitches and other issues. If you really think the bar is so low on the 360 and very high on PS3 then why does UC2 have 5 on 5 when MAG has 256 players? This is all design choice and not the bar.

Lich1203103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Its a design choice because Gears + Tons of People = Not fun. Gears is not about large scale battles its about skirmishes.

By your logic MAG is 8 times better than KZ2.

Honestly, how does he have so many agrees?

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emk20043103d ago

when it comes to game play that's all preference so people don't argue about it. when it come to graphics and physics kz3 trumps gears.

raztad3103d ago


This might be very interesting indeed. Both games pre-alpha and releasing in a similar time-frame. KZ3 will likely be the best looking PS3 game next year so is interesting to see how the second biggest xbox exclusive fare in the gfx dept.

PoSTedUP3103d ago

3D vs. 2D... just saying...

TPS vs FPS... just sayin...

cliffyB better be working his ass off though thats for sure!

can't wait to play them both.

kaveti66163103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

How is TPS vs. FPS a point against Gears?

Some prefer TPS?

Secondly, not everyone wants 3D.

MerkinMax3103d ago

I can not wait to enjoy BOTH of these titles next year!!!

TROLL EATER3103d ago

both will be in shadows of halo reach post e3

DA_SHREDDER3103d ago

I see only one titan. Its more like David versus Goliath, except this time David doesn't have his slingshot. Goliath ends up biting dudes head off.

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LordMarius3104d ago

Someone is going to get KILLZOWN3D

Convas3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Oh please, we ALL know we're about to get "Brinked" and "Spec Oped" and "Deus Exed". Need I even mention that Halo is on the scene? Killzone and Gears will just be 2 shooters among a sea of shooters. God knows what'll happen to the place if Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3 get announced ...

gtsentry3103d ago

gears of war 3 n killzone 3 is cuming out nex year....where as all the games ur talking about cums out this year..GEARS N KILLZONE HAVE PLENTY OF SPACE TO THEMSELVES NEX YEAR

DA_SHREDDER3103d ago

Brinked and Speced oped? Dude, you must be a one console owner, and by sentence, its easy to guess what console that is.

Cajun Chicken3103d ago

I see what you did there. That was actually pretty clever. I expect to see it in a headline somewhere.

Xi3103d ago

when does the next episode of one of Hiphop "Gamer's" "vidicles" come out?

Dylantalon13103d ago

gears of war 3 could never battle killzone 2 much less killzone 3. a screen shot of killzone 3 destroys gameplay video of gears of war 3 .

ArcFatalix3103d ago

thats delusional, i am a ps3 fan but admit it gears is fucking awesome

Dance3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

the i have both console look at my gamertag still makes your post sound fanboyish

duplissi3103d ago

maybe he really loves killzone?

Unicron3103d ago

Where's my Madden versus Final Fantasy? It makes just about as much sense...

Nike3103d ago

Yeah, I was thinking what possibly could be a dumber flamebait story than HHG's current one. Luckily, GamesThirst came along and didn't disappoint. :-/

alphakennybody3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

both being sci-fi hardcore shooters is more than enough to warrant a comparison .

Nike3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

By that standard, why not compare Project No. 13 and Gears of War 3? Both are sci-fi, third person, hardcore shooting games. Or Silent Hill and Gears of War 3? They both have shooting, third person and horror elements, and are meant for the hardcore. It's more than enough to warrant a comparison. /s

ImmortalLegend3103d ago

I'm looking forward to both KZ3 and Gears of War 3, but I must admit I'm looking forward to Gears 3 more because I just find the game to be more fun.

shadow27973103d ago

That's cool. Personally, I'm looking forward to KZ3 more because I find it more fun, but I had a lot of fun playing Gears 2, so Gears 3 shouldn't disappoint.

Though I will admit that I'm most excited for LBP2. Every time I think about that game my head is filled with endless level ideas.