New StarCraft II cinematic

Blizzard's released a new cinematic trailer for StarCraft II.

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Godmars2903053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Can't help but soak in every bit of info that comes out. Hope they either sell a disc of all the cut-scenes, or someone puts them up on Youtube.

Pretty sure S. Korea alone has the player base covered dude.

wohoo3053d ago

Loved SC myself and played insane amounts, but don't think I'll be picking this one up either. For some reason don't get the satisfaction I once did. Quite possible I'll break down once everyone starts playing it and saying how awesome it is though :S

blitz06233053d ago

Just saw this trailer in the Celtics-Lakers game. Looks awesome

Montrealien3053d ago

Man, looks like I will be watching a Sci-Fi epic, that just so happens to have a pretty damn solid RTS attached to it, I can't wait for this game..

Pandamobile3053d ago

All the cinematics will be on Youtube withing an hour or so of the game being released, I can assure you of that :P

IaMs123053d ago

man i understand but i love all Blizzard games. I felt the same way at first but i gave it some more time now im hooked lol be careful. Hoping for the best out of this game the beta so far is pertty good, but im being optimistic that it is just a beta

lord_of_balrogs3053d ago

Gonna go and play SC Brood War after seeing this trailer. My hype level just skyrocketed. Can we buy this off Steam or does it have to be off of Blizzards new Bnet service?

Cheeseknight283053d ago

Only out of Blizzard's store, I'm almost certain. There aren't any other Blizzard games on Steam, and I don't expect that to change.

Montrealien3053d ago

direct to drive from the blizzard store.

Obama3053d ago

You should get the game for its single player alone godmars. It is a must buy for me.

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bradlinho3053d ago

utterly uninterested. godmars is right, the production values on this stuff is nice. but i will never, ever, EVER play the game.


Timesplitter143053d ago

why? Starcraft is one of the most legendary games ever

dreamtheater873053d ago

Yeah why not? You sound like a close minded fool to me. I'm always open to trying any game/film/music/book. Expand your horizons or miss out.

gamejediben3053d ago

Ahhh....DAMMIT! These jeans were brand new!!!

Ilikegames763053d ago

anticipated PC game is finally coming out this July! To think that this game came out 10 years after the first Starcraft game. It's almost twice as long as GT5 development time. I still shake my head whenever fanboys said that GT game takes too long.

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The story is too old to be commented.