Voice Of Solid Snake Hasn't Been Contacted For 'Metal Gear Solid Rising'

Microsoft's press conference at E3 2009 featured the surprise reveal of "Metal Gear Solid Rising," which would be coming to the Xbox 360, in addition to the PS3. Since then, though, we haven't heard a peep about the game from anyone. All we've really had to go on is the above image, which shows series-regular, Raiden, in full cyber-ninja gear. And, surprisingly, neither has David Hayter, who is the well-known voice actor of Solid Snake and his pops, Big Boss.

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TROLL EATER3055d ago

after the japanese version is done who knows.

N4G king3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

well i think both David and Kojima were busy working on MGE:PW
now im sure they got like a week of or something after that big project on the PSP
how knows maybe they are working on a new project already

we all know MGS:R is a spin off so i dont think there is much work going in to it

ThanatosDMC3055d ago

Yup, there's a ton of voice acting in PW. I'm surprised at the content of the game. I wish there was an easier way to steal tanks and choppers... unless i havent gotten to that point in the game yet.

WildArmed3055d ago

Or maybe it has to do with the fact that you won't see Snake in this installment of the game?

Eamon3054d ago

It could be set after Snake dies from accelerated growth?

Or the dialogue script isn't done yet.

WildArmed3054d ago

Could be.
but from what I understood ( I could be wrong),
this is based on the time that Raiden goes to save Olga's daugther Sunny...
again, I may be off.
Big Mama said something about Raiden going to save someone after he met with her.

So.. yeah?

Because after snake 'dies' (not confirmed), Raiden was 'put togther' as a human again, not a cyborg.. (again from what I understand)

BattleAxe3055d ago

This is what happens when a great series goes multiplatform.

Campy da Camper3055d ago

I am sure it will have high production, etc, but I don't think I could get into a Raiden game. I smell a Ninja Gaiden clone...with guns.

Off Topic: Ok, the new "rumor bar" up top is killing me. This story is about the possibility of not having the main voice actor in the game and it says "hopefully". I get what it's doing but that's retarded.

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NastyLeftHook3055d ago

taking out snake is like taking out cars in gran turismo wtf

beavis4play3055d ago

a metal gear with no snake? - no buy.

MikeTyson3055d ago

just saying, we're probably getting some ninja gaiden rip off.. and a psp game mgs pw..

Etseix3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

u mean snake's voice, or SNAKE, because hey, Big Boss is another playable character but i get ur point and ur right mate.

Edit: Morganfell's reply to belal makes my point more clear, thx Morgan.

belal3055d ago

kojima said this not a snake game or is not inwolved around snake.

morganfell3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Exactly. And a monumental error on the part of people expecting Snake or Big Boss to be in the game. And no Snake, Naked or Solid = no Metal Gear.

sikbeta3055d ago

True, David Hayter is The Voice of Solid Snake but This Game is an Spin-off of the MGS Series with the main character being Raiden, so duh...

webeblazing3055d ago

we know its a spinoff who thought it will be mgs5 the thing we wana see is gameplay hope its good i love mgs. raiden aint that bad tho he did seem like a pu$$y in mgs2 inmgs4 he was ok

ThanatosDMC3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I expect a lot of crying from the main character since it's Raiden, and if Snake does appear... Raiden will be holding on to his leg crying like in MGS4.

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Tony-A3055d ago

wtf is this game coming out? That's a shame if it's not David Hayter, either. If he doesn't sound the same, it'll be a bummer.

smashman983055d ago

this isnt confirmation david hayter wont be here in all honesty tho i see a new clone coming up solid ocelot :P

ok jk

but if it does happen u heard it here first XD

lpfisher3055d ago

It doesn't mean David Hayter isn't in the game, it means Snake isn't in the game. Rising takes place between MGS 2 and 4 while Raiden is off doing his thing, becoming a cyborg ninja. Snake, obviously, isn't there for that because when Raiden shows up Snake's like "What the hell? Where've you been? What happened?"

Sidenote to people who think the Metal Gear Solid Series is completely about Snake... umm.. you're wrong. I'm fairly sure Kojima will tell you that too. It's always been about the story and Rising is a continuation of that story through Raiden. I'm sick of people saying that this isn't a real Metal Gear Solid game because Snake isn't in it.../rant

Sigh3055d ago

when people say "Metal Gear Solid" I think of either Solid Snake or Big Boss. They are the most recognizable icons in the Metal Gear universe.

rambonz3055d ago

im pretty sure David Hayter not hearing from anyone about the game MEANS hes NOT in it.

How could he possibly be in the game without even knowing...

And dont pretend you know when this game is based, currently no details have been released explaining such.

phinch3055d ago

Ive got a baaaaad feeling about this

smashman983055d ago

raiden is a badass as seen in mgs4 im totally excited for this

add that to the fact that mgs2 was also my fave in the series up until mgs4

i think were in for a good ride :D

ThanatosDMC3055d ago

We must have seen two completely different Raidens when i played it.

phinch3055d ago

I'm quite a big metal gear solid fan,after being please by mgs4 i only know what disappointment i will get with rising

*a story that isnt half as long
* twice as much compression
*Not half as high visual quality cut scenes

and i know one version could be better but will suffer due to the other, not mentioning any names though but we all know who

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