First Exclusive Screenshot of Gears Of War 3 E3 Demo Pause Screen

Gear of War 3 will most definitely have a huge impact at E3 in the coming days, but before that happens, we have the first exclusive screenshot of the game for you.

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nikkisixx23054d ago

Yeah for all we know thats a cut scene.

scofios3054d ago's super mega world exclusief , Geoff Keighley must be pised off now that he didn't get this deal .

ShadowRyuX3054d ago

Are you kidding me? Video of an animated Pause Screen or nothing!

BkaY3054d ago

just wanna say... mmmm

ok i am not touching it with a 10feet long pole....

but honestly... i am really excited about GeOW3.. it looks pretty sick (i have gameinformer june issue) before you all stab me to death.. lol


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Snak33054d ago

This is a joke, right?

MightyMark4273054d ago

Yea it shows nothing.. I guess GameThirst is very thirsty for some hits....

-Alpha3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Best looking game of 2011 confirmed! Look at the detail on that Gear and Skull symbol! :P

Yes, AlfaxD, the font size is definitely up there with Crysis. Text King Confirmed!1!! Look at the artistic beauty of the graphics, using black and white symbolizes the polarizing themes of Gears of War. Cliffy is genius!


No! Look at those Fonts and Size!

Definitely GOTY Confirmed!

Erotic Sheep3054d ago

I dont know, the enviroment clearly shows jaggies, not to mention the weird AI.

Enterprise-E3054d ago

I couldn't help but laugh at what you two just said. Wow some people disagreed with an joke. LOL!!

Greywulf3054d ago Show
Mista T3054d ago

look at da grafix!!! that dark screen IS....AND....ONLY....POSSIBLE. ......
cause of Cliffy B :P

beavis4play3054d ago

i guess standard dvds CAN handle amazing graphics.

i can't help but wonder how that screen would look on bluray?

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The story is too old to be commented.