Future MAG DLC will see all 3 PMCs on one map

Zipper isn't planning on stopping all the support they're giving to MAG anytime soon. The developers have a number of new content coming down the line, most of which will all be free.

One of the biggest requests from the community is for the ability to have all three factions fight on one map and Zipper plans to deliver that later this year. That DLC will be out closer to the end of Summer, early Fall but you can expect a number of other updates before then.

For starters, one of the new features will be "Clan Wars." Clans will be able to challenge other clans in a best of three battle. Challengers will attack first and then roles switch until an overall winner is declared. Clans will also be associated with leaderboards which will give players a chance to back out of a challenge if they see the opposing team is too strong.

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TheGameFoxJTV3055d ago

They are doing tons for this game. After a few more updates and patches, maybe I'll actually be convinced to get it. lmao

Dramscus3054d ago

They've pretty much got most of the bothersome bugs and glitches gone from it. If your waiting in buying it I would wait two more patches and it'll be near perfect.
It's already a game more than worth the cost, Everybody I know that plays it has easily sunk in over 200 hours.

WildArmed3054d ago

Figured this would happen.

was talking about this to my bud before.
Too bad I won't be getting the DLC.
The game is too unbalanced (atleast the last time I played) for me to warrant to dive into the DLC just yet.

I'mma take my time and play around with the current modes!
They are still fun as hell!

chasegarcia3054d ago

I sunk in 200 hours only on the beta lol I still have not bought it yet because in my opinion the game was not done. I will wait for a few more patches.