Sony:”Ken Kutaragi Was A Genius” PS3 Future “Vibrant”

Do you remember Ken Kutaragi? Sure you can, he was the face of PlayStation for umpteen years. But as you might have heard, the mastermind retired after pressure began to mount in the early days of PS3 when, seemingly, it was about to fail.

Four years later though, Sony execs around the world can’t stop praising Kataragi, some even go as far as saying he’s a “genius”.

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NYC_Gamer3055d ago

Ken is the father of the ps brand and will always be respected...

-Alpha3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Yes he will. Why was he let go anyway? Didn't he leave the company?

He had a lot of faith in the product, and though initially there was a lot of skepticism with the PS3 (which I think was fair, nothing wrong with being skeptical about something), he was confident in the product. Some would say he was over-confident, and he definitely did say some things that were silly, but he definitely has defined PlayStation and I'm glad that the PS3 is what it is today, and it's because of guys like him.

Off topic: LOL, did Ken really say this: "The PS3 will instill discipline in our children and adults alike. Everyone will know discipline."

Found the quote online, that's freaking funny! I know he said some pretty stupid things too, but of course, like all PR, you have to be confident in the product. Funny enough I find one of his most arrogant quotes true: "MS shoots for the moon, Sony shoots for the Sun"

And though it's PR talk and the typical kind of thing that makes fanboyism so annoying, it makes me respect the guy because he seems to have had a plan and good understanding of the direction the PlayStation brand was supposed to head.

Shadow Flare3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I hope he helps to design the PlayStation 4. Because he's helped make 3 of the best gaming consoles ever made so far. To me, the PS3 is still ahead of its time. Its an incredible machine. Thanks Ken.

What you've done won't be forgotten


alpha, Ken Kuturagi didn't leave or was let go. The last thing i read on it was that Sony 'promoted' him to a position that wasn't within the PlayStation section but was one of the heads of Sony itself. It was a move which sort of had to be done at the time because Ken was saying things that were making Sony look incredibly arrogant. So Sony sort of 'promoted' him to another position. Which in turn led Kaz Harai to become president. But they still all have a good relationship and respect him immensly. I believe he does still help out with PlayStation things, which is why he may already be designing the PS4. I remember Kaz Harai saying that he talks to him alot to ask his advice on things. Ken's still king

N4G king3055d ago

i hope they bring him back for the PS4

yoshiroaka3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Yea the ps3 did take a lot of heat in the early days but all of the decisions and included features really paid of in the end.

Time has been really good to the ps3 showing how versatile the system really is.

Having tech that is future proof is something that i would say is ridiculous but the ps3 has come really close to it though to some extent.

Edit: @Alpha's Ken quote: i sure hope that was a translation error and it was meant to say 'fun' instead of discipline otherwise im scared. Imagine him as you dad watchin you play ps3 and he suddenly screams at you 'DISCIPLINE! you need discipline!' lolz

-Alpha3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Lol, I found the quote online and am not sure if it's true but it's hilarious. It could be because the PS3 was so expensive that you had to earn it, and that means you needed a job, which in turn taught discipline :P

And thanks Shadow and Yoshi. He definitely needed to cool down some of the things he said, but it must have been frustrating having this awesome product and having people not understand or trust in the product's future because of worrisome it was doing at/around launch.


Yeah man, PlayStation really helped push gaming to a broader audience. I remember it was rejected because "Sony didn't make toys".

Shadow Flare3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

"it must have been frustrating having this awesome product and having people not understand or trust in the product's future because of worrisome it was doing at/around launch."

Ken went through EXACTLY the same thing with the PS1. Exactly. There were lots of people within Sony itself that thought the playstation was going to really tarnish Sony's good name and lose them alot of money. And Ken had to fight through all that, fight for his vision and convince people that he was right. And he was always right, as history shows.

Henry Ford once said, "If i asked people what they wanted, they'd ask for a faster horse". There's a handful of special people through history that had visions that broke away from that straight road and pushed technological progress, and Ken Kuturagi is definately one of them

deafwing3055d ago

... and remember he was selling it as a device to help the general public (more so the architecture CELL). At the same time, it was just too hard to see ... now this thing still out dates most blu ray players on the market and it's been out since 2006 and then there's the gaming aspect of it ... it's nuts.

badz1493055d ago

and forever he will be remembered as the one who revolutionized the industry!

FarEastOrient3055d ago


My favorite quote is that people will get a second mortgage to buy the PS3.

The reasons why he was 'demoted' was because of the huge loss Sony was taking for every PS3 that was sold as well as the low sell through rate it was going during the first year on market.

Everyone was dooming the PS3 back than, remember all those articles being approved on N4G.

El Botto3054d ago

And "Krazy" Ken has been proven correct on everything.

Dont bots look stupid now.

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MexicanAppleThief3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Yeah, I think he still honorary member at Sony and advises on any next gen hardware.

kratos1233055d ago

ken is a great guy much respect fore him he help made the ps3 to what it is and approved lost of great sony owned ips
thnx ken fore all these years of great gaming

deadreckoning6663055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

"[PS3 is] for consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."

The genius that is Ken Kutaragi, he always has such a way with words. Its obvious that respect was first and foremost in this man's heart. Great man indeed. Finally we have someone to justify that we should feel that we want and strive to attain a gaming console regardless of anything else in our lives. Thank you Ken.

@jack_burton- Hey! What are you talking about? Show respect! This man has accomplished more in his life than you probably will in 10 lifetimes. How dare you disgrace the name of Ken Kutaragi? The man who wanted us make the PS3 a priority over everything else in our lives. I'm merely honoring the man! If anyone here is a troll, its YOU. How pathetic. Ur clearly a 360 fanboy. Pfff..I don't even care if ur prefer the least stick to the damn topic.

jack_burt0n3055d ago

U really are king of the trolls, pathetic.

Nathaniel_Drake3055d ago

Wow you missed the whole point of the article, again Wow

biggame9013055d ago

Wow dead, that's low class even for you. Without this guy, gaming as you know it wouldn't be the same. Show some respect.

solidjun53055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

"U really are king of the trolls, pathetic."

THANK YOU!! Dead you're not fooling anyone man. And for someone who says "stick to the damn topic", you sure do have trouble doing that.

movements3054d ago

I think it's safe to say that in the beginning, many were fearful that PS3 wouldn't survive.

CoxMulder3054d ago

I actually DID work extra hours back in the beginning 2007 to buy a PS3.. Part-time job back then.

Ken is a legend.

Ravage273054d ago

looks like someone finally flipped ^^

ChickeyCantor3054d ago

I dont really see how he is trolling.
I mean if i read that quote i do think deadreckoning is kinda right.

Ken is basically justifying the overpriced tag ( of 600 doraaa).

On his second part, yeah he is kinda trolling.

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ps2ftw3055d ago

this articles annoying me.
it makes it sound as if he left because he thought ps3 was going to fail.
HE LEFT BECAUSE: it has been planned for years that he was going to retire

doG_beLIEfs3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Ken Kutaragi's influence on videogaming is in my opinion beyond measure. He made consoles COOL and they PS brand reached into the hardcore AND casual. He gave us CD then DVD and now Blu-ray console gaming. His vision is still coming into focus years after his latest and GREATEST creation the PS3 came into existence.

He IMO is more important than any other industry person since the early '90's when he first made a name for himself when he came up with the FX sound chip for the SNES. Always pushing the boundries of what is possible with video game consoles or in his and Sony's words Home Computer Entertainment Systems...because that is what every PS was when they arrived on the scene.

PS1 gave us the ability to listen to CD's and early PS had a visualization feature if you pressed select on the controller.

PS2 gave us the ability to watch DVD movies and FULL backwards compatability.

PS3 gave us Blu-ray, internet browsing, rechargable controllers,storing pictures, movies, music, bluetooth, ability to communicate with nearly any USB enabled device, game sharing, FULL backwards compatability on the original phatties, and the ability to connect and remotely control the PS3 with a PSP.

The PS3 also gave us a better console with each and every firmware update, with the latest being 3D gaming. I love how each and every year my PS3 evolves into a more complete IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING console. BY FAR the best PS I have ever owned because I have all three with my Phatty.

I hope Sony taps him for the PS4 because without KAYrazy Ken...the PS4 will have a harder time being all it can and will be.


Praise the mighty KAYrazy Ken Kutaragi

The force is STRONG with this one.

OpenGL3055d ago

The SEGA Genesis was the first "cool/edgy" system, and there were other consoles with CD visualizations that released before the PS1 such as the Atari Jaguar CD. Still, the PS1 did have a huge impact on the game industry.

CimmerianDrake3055d ago

The Genesis is nowhere near the level of the PS1 in terms of bringing gaming into the mainstream presence in entertainment. The Genesis was still a console considered to be childish, the PS1 was a console that made gaming move from having the stigma of being a children's toy to being something everyone can enjoy.

ChickeyCantor3054d ago


You mean with games like
Madden or GT? or other sport games that were know...Casual =P

Kinda ironic.

Ps1 wasn't so different from the SNES or SEGA library.
The huge difference were 3D textured polygons and FMV. This was the main reason it appealed to a larger audience. Under which MANY were "casual" gamers ( Casual gamers have nothing to do with what OpenGL said, im just stating it because its Screaming IRONY all over the place)
And Sega did have the "cool/edgy" hype around it...i mean look at the commercials
" Sega does what NintenDont "?

raztad3055d ago

Ken vision was far beyond of what most people could even imagine those days. A lot of crow has been eaten by the haters.

Somebody remember those crazy Ken comments? it doesnt seem to crazy now, does it?

zeeshan3055d ago

Yes, he is a genius and he is not there the way he used to be. I am seriously concerned about the next iteration of the PS brand. They have got to bring him back on board!

edgeofblade3055d ago

Kutaragi was to Sony what Steve Jobs is to Apple.

An egomaniac and a gas bag, in my opinion.

CimmerianDrake3055d ago

Clearly you're a young'un or you'd understand that Ken is almost singlehandedly responsible for making gaming mainstream. While Nintendo was around, gaming was niche, Ken's vision brought gaming into a new light. Comparing him to Steve Jobs is beyond insulting and shows your ignorance.

DigitalAnalog3054d ago


"BLISSFUL" Ignorance.

-End statement

Wrathman3055d ago

not like the sir-ken,member of this website..that ken is a douchebag and dishonours the name.

wages of sin3055d ago

There is no such thing as "future proof", it's just a buzz word that some of you have attached your hopes and dreams of Sony dominance over the market.

I love my PS3, I play it all the time, and yes, Kutaragi San deserves respect for being so forward thinking. However, the man has had his share of stupid statements.

Why can't we just be gamers and give a big fat middle finger to "chosing sides"?

djfullshred3054d ago

Of course we know "future proof" is a marketing term. But the concept behind the marketing term is solid. Sony did a good job trying to make a computing product that will take longer to become obsolete than your average game playing machine. I am not a fanboy, but have to say I am impressed when a company takes it on the chin & loses market share & profit in order to stubbornly stick by a new technology they believe will ultimately be a good investement for them down the road due it's staying power with consumers.

CimmerianDrake3054d ago

Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof. Future Proof.

Sonyfanclubpresident3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

His arrogance embarrassed Sony so bad with the rocky PS3 launch,they forced him into early retirement
out respect,instead of straight up firing him..

sikbeta3055d ago

Ken Kutaragi is a Real Visionary...

THE TRUTH3055d ago

I believe in ken, he is a special character really ahead of his time. An outstanding forward thinker, I would be surprised to hear he isn't a great chess player. Whenever the PS4 should not start until he says so.

MNicholas3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

A true visionary who was pushed out to make way for more "practical" people.

freezola753054d ago

Give this guy some bubbles!

Disccordia3054d ago

He is also the CEO of Cellius.

jeseth3054d ago

... that it doesn't feel like we need new systems yet and were are almost 4 years into PS3's life and almost 5 years into 360's life.

The systems (especially PS3 with Blu Ray) have stood the test of time with a world where technology changes at such a rapid pace.

I think we could go another 3-4 years before we start talking another gen of consoles.

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booni33055d ago


ALFAxD_CENTAURO3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

The father of PS Franchise made a good work.

TheTwelve3055d ago

"seemingly about to fail"?